'The Voice' Bottom 3: Which Artists Are In Danger Of Missing The Top 11?

UPDATE: This article was posted as if the Top 11 would be a Top 10 with TWO people going home. In actuality, it's just the one Voice artist. See corrections -- and the results -- at the bottom of the article!

We will find out live on Tuesday evening the three Voice contestants who are sitting at the bottom. Only two are leaving, with one being gifted the "instant save" option.

So who's in danger after last night? It's going to be tough to call.

A factor that I've only recently observed is the country Voice audience split. While Blake Shelton has an all-country team, I believe the strongest country singer to be with Adam Levine this year.

I couldn't figure out how Emily Ann Roberts wound up in danger of leaving despite doing so well on iTunes. Then I remembered Shelby Brown....who is helping Adam neutralize whatever threat Blake's team poses to front-runner Jordan Smith. This puts Roberts in an awful position. Not only is she a "weak-link" on her own team, but she's also not the best female country singer on The Voice.

I find Emily Ann Roberts cute as a button, but the writing was on the wall last week: America prefers Shelby Brown.

Mark Hood's performance of "Against All Odds" by Phil Collins exposed his voice as not nearly as strong enough to compete. I actually wanted a slower song performed by Mark so he could calm down and not do too much...but I think that was just me trying to overlook the obvious: Pharrell Williams made a devastating mistake passing on Darius Scott or Celeste Betton.

Yes, Hood can move, but this is still a singing competition. A weak cover off the back of failing to be voted onto the show? I'd be seriously surprised if he evaded the bottom. IF he somehow does, I look for a woman singer to take his place, making it an all-girl Bottom 3.

Korin Bukowski did improve with this week over last week's anemic performance of Sarah McLochlan's "Adia." Still, she didn't quite rise to the occasion through her performance of "Titanium." Her voice isn't as fragile as initially thought, but her high notes didn't really add anything interesting or exciting to the song. It was lackluster, and when you're selected for the Top 12 rather than voted in The Voice, it's not the time to be lackluster.

I'm trying to think of a scenario where Korin doesn't wind up in the Voice Bottom 3, but I'm drawing a blank. She's in a similar situation with Emily Ann Roberts where her Voice might be the most likely to end up in the bottom and go home.

After looking at the PopVortex iTunes ranking, the Voice contestants most in danger of ending up in the Bottom -- and singing for their lives -- are Braiden Sunshine, Evan McKeel, Mark Hood, and Korin Bukowski. The singers most in danger of going home based on their positions last week are Korin Bukowski, Mark Hood, and Emily Ann Roberts. The "Voice audience hates women" theory suggests that the contestants who could be in the bottom would be Korin Bukowski, Madi Davis, and Emily Ann Roberts.

So then, all things considered (and names popping up repeatedly...), I predict that The Voice Bottom 3 will likely be Mark Hood, Korin Bukowski, and Emily Ann Roberts. Headed home will probably be Mark Hood and Korin Bukowski with Emily Ann Roberts earning the instant save.

If we DO have two women go home, then I look for Mark Hood and another woman Voice singer to depart next week. I do think that Jordan Smith is reaching "untouchable" levels. At this rate, and unless at least one or two other artists step up, it won't matter who winds up in the bottom.

Those are my predictions for this week's Bottom 3. Think I missed the mark? Share your Bottom 3 in the comments section. Also, feel free to share your live reactions when we learn together just who's really headed home tonight!

9:01 p.m. My prediction was semi-correct, I just managed to be tripped up by the change this season. Even though I saw Top 11, previously it's been a Top 10. So I was tripped up by the adjustment. Instead of sending TWO artists home, as usual, they opted for one. Mark Hood and Korin Bukowski were the most in danger, as predicted. Only, Korin Bukowski held on by the skin of her teeth!

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