Bree Olson Claims She Wasn’t Informed Of Charlie Sheen’s HIV Diagnosis: ‘I’m So Upset’

Bree Olson claims Charlie Sheen did not inform her he was HIV positive. Bree Olson dated the 50-year-old actor in 2011, around the time he told Today anchor Matt Lauer he was diagnosed with the disease. However, while the actor claimed he informed all of his sexual partners about his HIV diagnosis, Bree Olson has denied any such thing.

“He never said anything to me,” Bree Olson told Howard Stern this morning, according to a November 17 report by Us Weekly.

“I was his girlfriend, I lived with him. We were together. We had sex almost every day for a year with lambskin condoms, which do not protect… There were times we didn’t even use condoms, because it was only to prevent pregnancy. We were sleeping together every single night. He never said anything ever. ‘I’m clean,’ he said.”

During their short-lived romance, Bree Olson was joined at her ex-boyfriend’s home by other women, including Natalie Kenly, who was one of his “goddesses.” And while she admitted to hesitating when it came to sleeping with the infamous playboy, she decided to trust him.

Then, after hearing rumors of her ex’s possible diagnosis, Bree Olson went to get tested. Although she initially wanted to blow off the reports, which had been swirling all month long, Bree Olson eventually opted to play it safe and be sure she was not HIV positive, which luckily she was not.

During her romance with the actor, whose exes include the likes of Denise Richards, Brooke Mueller, Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, and Brett Rossi, Bree Olson often heard complaints from her ex regarding his night sweats and other symptoms. However, Bree Olson claims Sheen blamed his health issues on his use of steroids, which Bree Olson said he took.

She also recalled that a doctor came to the home where she lived with the troubled actor regularly, but rather that speak openly with the physician, Bree Olson’s boyfriend and the doctor would go in a room by themselves.

“I loved him, yes, he was my boyfriend. I left the industry for him, and I never went back… I had spoken nothing but positive things about Charlie…but I am so upset. I couldn’t be more angry. I’ve been shaking, I’ve been crying.”

Earlier this week, ahead of her ex-boyfriend’s health reveal, Bree Olson took to Instagram, where she shared the following information with her many fans and followers.

“There are speculations circulating that one of my ex boyfriends from years ago may have contracted the HIV virus. They are rumors and I know nothing more than anyone else.

“I, myself have been to my gynecologist at least once a year since we split up and have always ben tested across the board for everything and have came back clean across the board every time.

“For all the ‘news’ sources out there — leave me alone. Call me Jon Snow. I know nothing.”

Bree Olson also alleged during her interview on Stern’s radio that the actor took medication for his sobriety, and that he did not speak with her prior to announcing his HIV diagnosis.

Bree Olsen’s relationship with the actor ended in April 2011. Since then, he was engaged to Rossi, but in October of last year, that relationship came to an end. Although Bree Olson has spoken about her the shocking health diagnosis of her one-time partner, Rossi has stayed completely silent, leaving many to wonder whether or not she’s been infected.

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