Brooke Mueller Speaks Out, Via Her Spokesperson, Confirms Whether Or Not She And Her Twin Sons Have HIV

Brooke Mueller’s ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, revealed he is HIV positive during the November 17 episode of the Today show, but what about Brooke Mueller and the couple’s twin sons, 6-year-old Bob and Max?

During the episode, Brooke Mueller’s ex-husband revealed he had told both her and his former wife Denise Richards about his diagnosis years ago, and hours later, Brooke Mueller confirmed the status of her and her boys’ health.

In a statement to People Magazine on November 17, via her spokesperson, Steve Honig, Brooke Mueller revealed she and her boys are not HIV positive.

“[Brooke Mueller] has been inundated with calls from friends and family. To put their minds at ease, [Brooke Mueller] can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV positive.”

As People Magazine revealed, 38-year-old Brooke Mueller was married to her 50-year-old actor husband from 2008 until 2011, and during their relationship, Brooke Mueller gave birth to twins Bob and Max. Also during their marriage, Brooke Mueller was allegedly threatened with a knife by her now-ex-husband, who was arrested in 2009 for the reported threats against her.

Following three years of marriage, Brooke Mueller parted ways with the former Two and a Half Men star, and both parties entered rehab. Sheen was also placed on probation at that time and sentenced to domestic violence counseling.

While Brooke Mueller’s highly publicized marriage came to a messy end, the former couple appears to have been doing well for the last couple of years. In fact, just months ago on Twitter, Brooke Mueller’s ex-husband told his fans and followers she was “a sexy rok star whom I adore.”

According to an Us Weekly report this morning, Sheen confirmed he had told both Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards of his illness in 2011 when he was still married to Brooke Mueller. After disclosing he was HIV-positive to the two women, he encouraged Brooke Mueller to get tested.

For the last four years of his health battle, the actor claims to have been blackmailed by many, which was one of the main reasons he decided to tell all during his Today show interview with host Matt Lauer.

“I am here to admit that I am, in fact, HIV-positive. I have to put a stop to this mirage of attacks of sub-truths and very harmful and mercurial stories that are about me that are threatening the health of so many others. I think I release myself from this prison today.”

While chatting with Lauer, Brooke Mueller’s ex-husband confirmed his two children with Richards, 11-year-old Sam and 10-year-old Lola, were not HIV positive.

In the years since splitting from Brooke Mueller, her ex has dated a number of women, many of whom are known porn stars. Capri Anderson, Kacey Jordan, Brett Rossi, and Bree Olson are among his most notable girlfriends in recent years. Rossi, his most recent relationship (the two were briefly engaged), has not yet spoken out about his health. In fact, it doesn’t appear that any of his former girlfriends are speaking out on their own about the issue, which makes Brooke Mueller’s spokesperson’s statement the first and only confirmed comment about her ex-husband’s shocking health revelation.

Aside from her rep’s statement, Brooke Mueller has stayed silent on her ex’s HIV reveal. However, in the comments section of photos shared weeks ago on Instagram, Brooke Mueller continues to be bombarded with questions regarding her health and the health of her sons.

[Photo via Twitter]