Top ‘Fallout 4’ Quest Crashes And Solutions — And Dead Ends

Fallout 4 has been quite a phenomenon, raking million of dollars in revenue and countless hours of gameplay in its first week. But despite the overwhelming success that Fallout 4 achieved, a lot of players are left frustrated with the number of bugs and crashes that they encounter in the game.

Fans were aware that weeks prior to the official release of Fallout 4 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, Bethesda still has not completed the whole Fallout 4 game, hence the delay in downloads and pre-loads. With the completion of Fallout 4 so dangerously close to its release date, we can only assume that a lot of bugs were overlooked. This problem has now come to the attention of thousands of Fallout 4 players across platforms all over the world.

Some bugs are fairly easy to deal with, and solutions for the bugs have been made available on the internet. Some Fallout 4 users on the PC platform recently requested a solution since they were unable to use their mouse and keyboard when Fallout 4 boots up, some couldn’t play Fallout 4 on fullscreen, and some were experiencing graphic and resolution problems. Bethesda has released patch 1.1.30 for PC to address some of the issues (the patch reportedly fixes a crash related to xaudio drivers), but the opening sequence bug hasn’t been addressed yet. Having said this, it’s a good thing a quick fix for these crashes and bugs has been made at the Steam community forums.

Fallout 4 filled with crashes and bugs
Fallout 4 filled with crashes and bugs

However, there are more pressing issues throughout Fallout 4, and this gets tricky because the bugs and crashes happen in certain quests. If you get stuck on a certain Fallout 4 quest, how do you go forward? Some people have been uninstalling and reinstalling Fallout 4, whereas some have created a new game entirely to try and work around the quest bugs. Unfortunately, these do not work. Here are some quick fixes and workarounds fans found for certain buggy Fallout 4 quests.

Going forward, you might encounter spoilers, so please tread carefully.

“Shadow of Steel” Quest

During the “Shadow of Steel” quest in Fallout 4, you might notice that you’ll crash on the Vertibird ride. How do you go around this bug? YouTuber Cryttek has found a simple solution that will let you skip the Vertibird ride to avoid the crash. Check out Cryttek’s workaround video.

“Hunter/Hunted” Quest

Fans found two workarounds to get you to skip to the area or skip to the target. These workarounds work only for Fallout 4 for PC and are found by Cryttek as well. To skip to the area, open the console and use “coc GreenetechGenetics01” instead of searching for a signal. You can now clear the building and kill the target. Leaving the door manually will also cause your Fallout 4 to crash again so use “coc sanctuaryExt” to leave the area and head for Cambridge.

To skip the target, follow the instructions above and use “player.moveto 00064dfc” on your console. Again, follow the aforementioned workaround to leave the Fallout 4 area.

“Boston After Dark” Quest

You can’t move to a certain location directly for this Fallout 4 quest because it requires you to move around a lot. This means you have to skip some parts and proceed with others. Fallout 4 players at the Bethesda forums recommend which ones to skip and which ones to go through.

“first to complete the dead drop: player.setstage RRM01 200
next to follow high rise: player.setstage RRM01 600
next to talk to high rise: player.setstage RRM01 700

The rest should be doable.”

One of the major problems encountered during the Fallout 4 game that pose a huge problem for a lot of Fallout 4 players is the crash in the Monsignor area. Twinfinite reports that many players in the different platforms of Fallout 4 — on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 — are experiencing a crash when they enter the Monsignor Plaza. No workaround could fix these, no matter how much you try to uninstall and reinstall the game, restart your PC or console, start a new game, or hit your screen with a baseball bat.

A thread at the Bethesda forums reads, “No matter what direction you try to enter the area, it’ll crash. Entering the area via console commands, fast travelling or just walking into it will crash the game. Not everybody is getting the crash either, lots of people have completed the game, but it’s still fairly popular and the Reddit megathreads have had this bug as the most common.”

Basically, you’re unable to go through with the Settlement quest which requires you to do it in the Monsignor Plaza. Fallout 4 developer Bethesda has yet to release a patch to remedy this problem, so fans are pretty much stuck in this Fallout 4 quest for now. Other Fallout 4 quests that require you to go through the Monsignor Plaza, such as scavenging for certain items for the “Quartermaster” quest, will have skip workarounds (which you can also find the solution to at the Bethesda forums).

When will Fallout 4's Bethesda issue a patch for the bugs
When will Fallout 4's Bethesda issue a patch for the bugs

A lot more bugs are getting discovered by Fallout 4 players as the days go by so let Bethesda know by submitting a report at the Support Center. Hopefully, Bethesda releases a Fallout 4 patch soon enough to address these issues — especially regarding the Monsignor area which is a huge pain.

[Image via Bethesda]