Ben Affleck Adds ‘Suicide Squad’ Star Scott Eastwood As His Brother For ‘Live By Night’

Scott Eastwood is set to team up with Ben Affleck once again in the upcoming film, Live By Night. According to Entertainment Weekly, the movie is a prohibition-era drama that is an adaptation from a book by Dennis Lehane. This marks the second time fans will see Affleck and Eastwood together on the big screen, as the two most recently worked together on the upcoming movie, Suicide Squad.

While details concerning the plot of Live By Night have yet to be released, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star is set to direct and play the lead role in the movie. The film centers on the life of the son of a Boston police officer, who takes a different route than his father and becomes influential in the criminal world. For his part, Eastwood is set to play Affleck’s brother in the movie, which is expected to be released some time in 2017.

Ben Affleck's next big release is the highly anticipated 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.' [Image via Warner Bros]
Ben Affleck's next big release is the highly anticipated 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.' [Image via Warner Bros]

While they both will be playing large roles in Live By Night, they also are set to make an appearance in the highly anticipated Suicide Squad film. According to Movie Pilot, Ben Affleck will be making a cameo in the movie as Batman, while Eastwood’s character is still a bit of a mystery as producers have yet to reveal who he will be playing.

That being said, there is some speculation that Eastwood may be set to play Dick Grayson in the film. However, if that turns out to be the case, then he will not likely be going by the name of Nightwing. Instead, he might be working undercover in order to provide information about Amanda Waller’s activities to Batman.

Although there is not currently any solid evidence that proves Eastwood will be Grayson, there are some clues that seem to point in that direction. For starters, Grayson eventually discards his Nightwing identity in the comics and becomes Agent 37. Further, Grayson is even tasked with an undercover assignment by Batman, which at the very least opens the possibility that filmmakers may adapt this storyline in Suicide Squad.

Scott Eastwood at the premiere of his first starring role, 'The Longest Ride.' [Photo By Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP Images]

Additionally, it is already known that Batman is interested in the task force that Waller is organizing. This is expected to play out in a reported meeting between Batman and Waller. The only problem is that Batman really would not have any way of knowing what Waller is up to unless he had an insider feeding him information. Does this mean that Agent 37 is working undercover for Batman?

Although it is definitely a possibility that Eastwood has been cast to play Grayson, nothing official has been announced concerning his role in the movie. Even further, the trailer for the film did show Grayson’s grave, which would seem to indicate that he is dead.

With that in mind, Eastwood very well could be set to play an entirely different character, including Deathstroke. In fact, it isn’t even known how large of a role Batman will play in the movie, and he might only be featured in flashbacks instead of real time.

At this point in time, there really is no way in knowing which character Eastwood will play in the movie, let alone if he will be sharing screen time with Affleck. He could turn out to be Deathstroke or even another villain altogether, and he could very well be going undercover as Agent 37.

While we wait for more news concerning Eastwood’s role in Suicide Squad, and whether or not he teams up with Affleck in the movie, fans will definitely see the two together when Warner Bros.’ Live By Night hits theaters everywhere sometime in 2017.

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[Photo by Paul A Hebert / Invision / AP Images]