Rumors Josh Duggar Ditched Rehab Don't Fly: Evidence Doesn't Support Josh Left Rehab [Video]

Maat van Uitert

Has Josh Duggar left rehab? While the Duggar family has kept notoriously mum on the topic, after a private plane flew Jim Bob Duggar, one of his sons, and two unidentified passengers to the Christian-based rehab center where Josh is being treated for sex addiction, some fans are speculating Duggar has ditched rehab, reports Entertainment Tonight. Other fans assert there is no way Josh could have left the facility.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Josh Duggar is now able to leave the rehab facility based in Rockford, Illinois, for the holidays, and can receive visitors, as well. On November 12, Jim Bob flew with three companions in the Duggar family's private jet, and left just a few hours later.

Family members are being kept in the dark about what happened during those few hours, and according to a source, "[n]obody communicates and it's weird and tough," although the source also pointed out to Entertainment Tonight that the Duggar clan does not "really trust a lot of people right now," given the public bashing since it was revealed that Josh not only cheated on his wife, but also molested several teenage girls when he was also underage.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the Duggar family wants "to keep things on a 'need-to-know' basis" regarding Josh and whether he has left rehab permanently. The source also confessed to ET that certain Duggar family members are "tired of being hushed and tired of being left in the dark" about family secrets, adding that the "level of expectation in this family is too high, it is narrow-minded."

Fans also point out the unlikeliness that Josh has dumped rehab, pointing out that the four person plane Jim Bob flew to Rockford simply would not have had room for Josh. Other fans have speculated that the Duggar clan is lying about Josh attending rehab from day one.

Meanwhile, fans have wondered how Anna Duggar, who is married to Josh and has several children with him, is doing in the media turmoil. According to Entertainment Tonight, that is not known either.

"It's tough to say how Anna is," a source confessed. "She doesn't talk about that."

Michelle has been supportive, and in her statement she affirmed that "we will be offering our love, care and devoted support to Anna and our grandchildren as she also receives counsel" as she recovers. The Duggars have struggled since learning Josh is a sex addict, and told interviewer Megyn Kelly of Fox's The Kelly File that they feel like "failures" because Josh is so troubled, reports Hollywood Life.

Josh Duggar entered rehab last August after admitting he has a pornography addiction and he was not faithful to his wife, Anna. In a statement released to the media, Michelle Duggar confirmed that "Josh checked himself into a long-term treatment center" which requires 4:30 a.m. wake up calls, working for 10 hours a day, and daily devotional prayers to help patients recover.