‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny And Carly Battle, Nina And Maxie Connect, And Ava And Paul Get Feisty

This is shaping up to be a dramatic week on General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that during Tuesday’s show, viewers will see plenty of tense and dramatic moments as battles are heating up throughout Port Charles. Relationships are being tested and big adventures are beginning. What lies ahead on the November 17 episode?

We Love Soaps indicates that Tuesday’s show will focus on some of the other Port Charles storylines for a bit, with more to come on Jason when Wednesday’s show airs. Viewers watched on Monday as Sonny exploded at Carly for initiating some renovations on their home to accommodate his current needs and he’s been intense with Morgan as well. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the tension between Carly and Sonny continues into this episode.


Fans will watch a heated argument play out between Sonny and Carly. He already threw his wedding ring at the wall, so how far do things go in this episode? Fans will have to tune in to find out, though General Hospital spoilers for the rest of the week indicate that these two may have other challenges to focus on soon enough. Sonny will be working with Epiphany on his rehab while Carly grows more concerned again about Morgan.


Elsewhere in Port Charles, Morgan will catch up with Kiki. Is he sincerely interested in supporting her, or is this going to be a ploy to edge closer to Ava with an interest in getting Avery back to Sonny and Carly? General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry detail that Kiki will be getting a bit of a lecture from Franco about her recent behavior, though he is just trying to look out for her.

Kiki may well find soon that the support she’s getting from Morgan and Franco hits a rough spot when it is discovered that she is the one who ran Carly off the road during her drunk driving stint. Nathan is said to be digging into the accident later in the week. It seems that Morgan and Franco may be sincerely trying to help Kiki through this tough time, but will she let them?

Maxie and Nina both scored gigs with Julian’s fashion magazine, and viewers will see some of that on Tuesday’s show. While both ladies are excited about the opportunity, what they don’t know is that Julian is actually angling for them to fail. General Hospital spoilers detail that Nina will struggle as she gets started on this, but Maxie will step up to help out as she’s certainly in her comfort zone here.


Viewers will see some drama with Ava and Paul in Tuesday’s show too. They were already getting quite frisky on Monday’s show before Morgan showed up, and things take a bit of a turn on Tuesday’s show. It seems that Paul pushes Ava’s buttons and she angrily slaps him, but his reaction probably isn’t what she was angling to see. There is surely plenty more to come with these two.

There is more coming up for GH fans with Dante, Lulu, and Valerie as well. Lulu will have a chat with Olivia about Dante, and Lulu will struggle as she sees more of Dante and Valerie together. The two may need to work together for their new assignment, but Lulu won’t necessarily believe that it’s all work and no play.


As the week continues, General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will get a Jason and Spinelli reunion. It seems that before Jason takes off for Cassadine Island, he’ll motorcycle to Portland to connect with Spinelli. Jason may not remember his prior relationship with Spinelli, at least not yet, but it seems the scenes ahead between the two will be powerful ones that fans won’t want to miss.

Jason and Spinelli will team up to get answers, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that both Liz and Sam seemingly will end up trying to catch up with them. Will Jason manage to get answers from Helena? Chances are that this will take a bit of time yet to play out, though viewers are curious to see where this all heads.

Fans waited for nearly a year for the big Jason Morgan reveal, and it has finally happened. Clearly, however, there are plenty of details yet to come together. There are seemingly big changes on the way in Port Charles as a result, though viewers will have to wait and see just how this plays out. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are many more powerful moments on the way in the episodes ahead.

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