Kim Richards Appearing On Season 6 Of The ‘RHOBH’ For Free? Kyle Richards Updates Fans On Her Sister

Kim Richards is apparently ready to do whatever it takes in order to be a part of the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. According to Reality Tea, this includes appearing on the reality show completely free of charge. In fact, Kim will be returning as a guest star in Season 6 of RHOBH and will not be paid anything for her part on the show.

Following all of the issues Kim has had in the past related to her substance abuse, producers of the hit series have agreed to allow Kim to appear in several episodes only if she agreed not to get paid.

“Kim Wasn’t paid a dime to return to RHOBH,” an inside source told the outlet.

Apparently, despite being in need of some money, Kim agreed to the terms of the contract because of her need to be back on the show. Additionally, the reality star wanted to use her appearance as a way to gain back her credibility and reputation, which were left in shambles after last season.

“She was desperate to get back on TV to restore her reputation,” the source stated.

However, it still is not clear if being back on the show is the healthiest thing for Kim. After all, Kim has blamed the negative attention she received on the show as one of the reasons why she broke her sobriety last year. As fans will recall, this ultimately reached a high point when Kim was arrested for public intoxication and assaulting an officer while at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kim Richards appeared inebriated at a poker party last season, despite insisting she was sober. [Image via Bravo]
Kim Richards appeared inebriated at a poker party last season, despite insisting she was sober. [Image via Bravo]

Then, only months after multiple stints in rehab, Kim Richards was once again arrested after being accused of shoplifting at a Target outlet in Van Nuys, California. Since this incident, it was unclear when Kim would be back on the show, especially after it was announced that producers had let her go.

That being said, her sobriety was a key issue as to why she was forced to leave the reality series. With that in mind, her return to the show would seem to indicate that she has made vast improvements with her substance abuse issues.

Meanwhile, according to Enstarz, Kim was recently spotted hanging out in Los Angeles with fellow reality star Brandi Glanville, who isn’t known as being big on sobriety. In fact, Glanville wore a shirt that read “It’s no fun to be sober” while she was out on the town with Kim in tow.

This latest spotting in Los Angeles has led to even more speculation that perhaps Kim is not ready to return to reality TV. This is especially true if her co-stars aren’t ready to help her along and if Kim isn’t ready to deal with all the added attention on her life.

Kim and Kyle Richards appear to have mended their relationship...for now. [Image via Bravo]

However, in response to these allegations, her sister, Kyle Richards, recently sat down with ET Online and discussed Kim’s current state.

“My sister’s doing really well,” Kyle stated. “She needed this time to take of herself, and that’s what she’s done. She’s in a good place, so we’re happy.”

At the same time, Kim posted a message on her Instagram account where she sounded encouraged with where she is at.

“Live in NOW… It’s the only moment we have! Here I found true happiness, joy, love, peace, & contentment.”

Clearly, Kim is doing all she can in gaining back her reputation and sobriety. Whether or not this means that she is ready for a return to the world of reality TV is yet to be seen. In the meantime, fans can watch Kim on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Season 6 premieres December 1 on Bravo.

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[Image via Bravo]