Man Arrested For Having Sex With a Teddy Bear…For The Fourth Time! [Photo]

Police in Cincinnati, Ohio must have had to find some new sections of their standard forms in order to report this one. Charles Marshall, 28, was arrested outside the Elm Street Health Clinic and charged with having sex with a stuffed teddy bear according to the Smoking Gun. This would be strange enough in and of itself, but this is not the first time Marshall has had sex with a stuffed bear. This is the fourth time since 2010 that he has done this and been arrested, making one wonder how many times he has done it and not been arrested.

The Daily Mail raised a good point that no one knows if this teddy bear is the same bear that was used each time.

Comedy website Cracked, who also picked up on this story, looked into the bowels of psychiatry and found that not only has there been documented cases of perverts having sex with teddy bears but the disorder actually has a name…Ursusagalmatophilia.

Cracked goes on to note that there is a much broader form of the disorder with is called Plushophilia. The article states that,

“This is also known as Plushophilia in some circles, although this term includes any stuffed animal and is not specific to teddy bears,”

Marshall has been charged with indecent exposure and disorderly conduct in the most recent case. The first time that Marshall was arrested for teddy bear love was in a public library. The second time he was arrested the police noted in their investigations that this was an “ongoing problem”

Charles Marshall Police Report