‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Shawn & Belle Divorce Drama Coming

Days of Our Lives fans are going to be thrilled when Belle Black finally returns to Salem. Actress Martha Madison will be back as Belle in the coming episodes, and while “Shelle” fans will be so excited to see the power couple back together, they may end up a little disappointed.

According to Realty Today, when Belle Black returns to Salem, it will likely be to comfort her husband, Shawn Brady, as the entire family is finding out about his father Bo Brady’s terminal brain cancer. Days of Our Lives viewers will watch Belle return to town with her and Shawn’s daughter, Claire, now a teenager like Sierra, Theo, Chase, and Joey, but all will not be well with her marriage.

In a newly released trailer for things to come on Days of Our Lives, Belle and Shawn are shown embracing, but they soon have a private conversation where Shawn tells his wife that he’s already forgiven her for cheating on him once and that he’d be a fool to do it again. Later, Belle is seen telling her parents, John and Marlena, that she and Shawn are over and “getting a divorce.”

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Shawn and Belle divorce coming?
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How can this be? What in the world happened to our Shawn and Belle while they were away from Salem living their lives with Claire? Did Belle really cheat on Shawn again, and if so, with whom? These are the questions that fans will hopefully get the answers to when Martha Madison reprises her role as Belle Black-Brady on Days of Our Lives this fall.

Fans may remember that the last time Belle cheated on Shawn, it was with her ex-husband and Shawn’s former best friend, Philip Kiriakis, who also happens to be Shawn’s uncle because Philip and Bo are half-brothers who were both fathered by Victor Kiriakis.

In the past, Shawn and Philip have battled over Belle many times. When Belle married Philip instead of the love of her life, Shawn, the drama really exploded. Belle was pregnant with what she believed to be Philip’s baby, but in the end it was proven that Shawn was actually Claire’s father. The entire situation led to a very heated custody battle and paternity scandal. Later, Philip ended up leaving Salem.

However, with so many of the Days of Our Lives characters returning home, it would be crazy not to bring Philip back to play alongside Shawn and Belle. So, Philip Kiriakis will be making his way home for Christmas, and it should be interesting to see the dynamic between him, Shawn, and Belle as they have a very heated past. It will also be worth watching to see if Philip has any sort of reaction to seeing Claire all grown up. Philip loved Claire with all of his heart and it broke him when he found out that the little girl wasn’t his.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives fans will be sad to find out that Jason Cook, who is currently playing the role of Shawn-Douglas Brady, won’t be around for all the new storylines. Cook, who only agreed to return to the soap for a couple of months to celebrate the 50th anniversary, will leave. Thankfully, the character of Shawn will stick around, and Brandon Beemer will take over the role yet again, much like he did back in 2006 when Cook left the show.

It’s going to be a wild ride for Days of Our Lives fans, and they won’t want to miss a minute of the drama from the long-running soap. Be sure to tune in DOOL to every weekday on NBC.

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