Kate Middleton Set On Losing Her ‘Image-Over-Substance’ Reputation, To Deliver Speeches More Often

It’s been noted by researchers that public speaking is among one of the top fears of the majority of the human population, right up there with death, and Kate Middleton is no exception to the statistics. The Duchess may be a stunner, and graceful and eloquent in her exchanges and interactions with those she greets. However, Middleton is reportedly just as terrified as stepping up to the podium as any other.

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 27: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge leaves Islington Town Hall after visiting Chance UK's Early Intervention Programme on October 27, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images) LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 27: [Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images]Reportedly, the Duchess will be making more public speaking attempts while on her upcoming tour with her royal hubby, Prince William. The two are scheduled to head off to India in 2016 to begin the leg of the appearances and to fulfill their royal duties, after leaving their two little ones behind.

The Daily Express recently reminded that Kate has been often criticized by the public and royal-watchers for her image-over-action role in the family. Regardless of this reputation that Middleton has received, sources share that the mother-of-two is very intelligent and impassioned on many issues. Most recently, the public has been made aware of Kate’s passion for helping youth who suffer from mental illness and those that are less-fortunate. The publication relays words of one source in particular, in regards to Middleton.

“The tone of some of the reporting of the Duchess has not always chimed with the woman she really is. She is highly intelligent, well-briefed and does her research, including reading scientific papers. She is very engaged with all the issues concerning young people and is at the heart of a great many conversations behind palace gates.”

GettyImages-494489610 Kate Middleton interacting with children at Early Intervention Program [Photo by Chris Jackson / Getty Images]The source also shares that Kate is ready to not only make her voice heard on subjects behind the palace walls and then merely showing up in support of the issues she supports. Middleton now intends to speak up on the matters in public settings.

“When it comes to her charities, the Duchess has always read up but now she feels it is time to speak up too. We have already seen her leading the conversation about children’s mental health and she has taken great confidence from that. This is all coming from the Duchess. She is going to be making more speeches and we will be hearing her voice coming through on a lot more royal engagements from now on.”

The insider also reminds that Kate’s lack of verbal attempts at events has led the masses to believe that she really hasn’t got anything to say, and that she’s simply present to show off her latest designer ensemble and current hairstyle. However, reports can assure the public that Middleton has much to say, and will begin making more speeches at gatherings and royal engagements, despite her dislike for public speaking.

“The Duchess hasn’t given that many speeches and when she has, she has felt the pressure as a newer member of the Royal Family in the spotlight. That has sometimes unfairly led to suggestions that she doesn’t have much to say. In fact the opposite is true.”

Nerves have gotten the better of Kate in the past when she has made public speaking attempts, but she is prepared to nip the nerves in the bud for the purpose of stating her case for the charities she so fervently supports. The Duchess is dedicated to rid herself of the “style-over-substance” image she has been given, as IBTimes indicates.

The royal couple is set to head to India, and it is clear that Middleton is prepared to be more of a present and active royal while on the journey and during the scheduled appearances.

[Photo by Chris Jackson / WPA Pool / Getty Images]