Soleil Moon Frye Confesses Shock At Unplanned Fourth Pregnancy Just Months After Boasting Of 40-Pound Weight Loss

Soleil Moon Frye just revealed that she’s pregnant for the fourth time. And at 39, Soleil Moon is excited about welcoming a new baby to her family. Frye was joined by husband Jason Goldberg in cheering her baby bump announcement, reported People.

“Excited to share some big news. Feeling beyond blessed. #ClearblueConfirmed #growingfamily @Clearblue #ad #grateful,” tweeted Soleil Moon.


Frye also revealed that it was an unplanned pregnancy and came as a shock. Soleil Moon currently has a 20-month-old son named Lyric Sonny Rhodes, along with two daughters. Poet Sienna is 7-years-old, while Jagger Joseph Blue is 10. It was at the 2015 Baby2Baby Gala in southern California that Frye described her baby joy.

“Fantastic [at] thirteen, fourteen weeks,” summed up Soleil Moon in describing how she felt.

As to why she chose to announce her baby bump now, Frye admits she was unable to disguise that bump any longer.

“I can’t hide it anymore! I couldn’t find a dress that could hold me together!” admitted Soleil Moon.

Frye is determined to turn the shock of discovering that she’s having baby No. 4 into a happy surprise.

Soleil Moon Frye confesses that she didn't plan baby number four. Soleil Moon Frye confesses that she didn’t plan baby No. 4. [Image via Soleil Moon Frye / Twitter]“We were so surprised by this amazing, little miracle, that I think, now, we’re just like, let’s keep the surprises going… It was not something we were planning on, and yet, we could not be more excited and thrilled,” added the actress.

But with a handful, ranging in age from 20 months to 10 years, Soleil Moon isn’t hesitating to describe it as a surprise. Frye also announced that rather than paint a nursery pink or blue or buy new baby clothes targeted at a specific gender, she and her husband have chosen to not find out ahead of time whether it’s a boy or girl who will be joining their family.

But the ready-to-be-a-new-mom-again actress added that her children old enough to understand are excited.

“I think we were all in a state of shock, and yet, just so thrilled. The kids are just over the moon about it. Poet and Jagger are just ready, again. They’re like, ‘Okay, let’s go for it!’ And Lyric doesn’t quite know what’s going on. I just always tell him to kiss the belly, and he’s kissing my belly a lot. And I’m really excited for him to have a little one to play with.”

Soleil Moon Frye and her husband just got a surprise in the form of a pregnancy. Soleil Moon Frye and her husband just got a surprise in the form of a pregnancy. [Image via Soleil Moon Frye / Twitter]When it comes to contemplating the future, the actress is upbeat about having baby sitters already in training, while her children are figuring out who will take on what role.

“Jagger now is like, ‘Well, I’m not the middle child anymore,’ shared Soleil Moon. ‘Then to have Lyric to have someone close in age, I think it will be fun [and] we have built-in baby sitters…at our fingertips.’ “

The news that Frye is pregnant comes just months after she exalted in finally succeeding with her weight loss goals after having three children. Soleil Moon credited the Nutrisystem plan for helping her shed 40 pounds, reported Hollywood Take.

Frye said she felt great after slipping sleekly into a bathing suit, and was especially proud after having such a long battle into taking off the baby weight. When she was younger, she also had breast reduction surgery, but Soleil Moon experienced frustration with her weight following the birth of baby No. 3 to the point where, three months following the birth of the baby, she would be asked when she was due.

Frye didn’t hint at any plans to have an additional baby following her weight loss success, which may be why she’s describing her new pregnancy as such a shock.

[Image via Soleil Moon Frye / Twitter]