Christie Brinkley On Botox: ‘I Was Punched In The Eye’

Christie Brinkley on Botox! Who would think that the beauty who is all about going natural would inject the poison into her face? In her recent book, Timeless Beauty: Over 100 Tips, Secrets, and Shortcuts to Looking Great, Brinkley reveals that she did succumb to having fillers done. The proud woman adds to her book’s title with an asterisk, “who happens to be 61 years old,” comes clean about her healthy living style as well as her own Botox disaster.

Reported by New York Post, Brinkley’s recently released book emphasizes the beauty’s beliefs in living life with more smiles, regular exercise, and not eating meat. After reading about slaughterhouses at the young age of 14, Christie decided to become a vegetarian. She now has moved to living life as a full vegan, although she does admit to having a slip here and there. “When in Roma, do what you don’t do at home-a, have some mozzarella!”

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About Christie Brinkley on Botox, she comes clean regarding her experiences with the filler when it was used on her a few summers ago.

“It made me look like I was punched in the eye, I couldn’t move my forehead. I had to wear hats!”

Brinkley admits to being just like everyone else when seeing herself age, speaking about being aware of her stomach having a “little pooch” when she was 35. The seemingly ageless model emphasizes the importance of going to a good dermatologist. Stating that liposuction is scary to her, Brinkley does confess to believing that lasers and fillers can help when injected in the right way. The gorgeous woman did give the Botox applications that she has received kudos for smoothing the wrinkles out beautifully in her neck.

Gracing the cover of People in a swimsuit at 60-years-old, Christie Brinkley looked ageless, exclaiming “I feel on top of my game,” revealing how excited she was at the time about turning 60.

Botox and fillers do not guide Brinkley’s aging as it does for others gracing magazine covers. Christie’s mother, who has passed on, left her legacy about beauty on the model with the sparkling smile. Brinkley gushes about how her mother approached beauty with a very simple outlook.

“She had the most radiant smile in the world, and a makeup bag the size of a pencil case!”

The famous women who inspired Brinkley growing up were natural beauties. She speaks of Grace Kelly’s “simple, classic look” and Lauren Bacall’s “alluring” hair. Christie names two young lovelies when asked whom she thinks are the most beautiful famed women in today’s world. She touts how Jennifer Lawrence is “so sparkly” with a huge personality that “just radiates!” Brinkley also speaks highly about Emma Stone stating “When she enters a room, you want to see what she’s wearing.”

Christie Brinkley on Botox is a non-issue. Although she admits to using Botox and other fillers to help her get through the aging process, it is healthy living that is most important to Christie when it comes to looking and feeling great. In her new book, the model allows readers inside to her world of secrets for looking beautiful. She guides one on how to eat healthy, professional make-up application, and fashion tips. Brinkley also reveals the best skincare products to keep skin looking younger, as well as easy exercises.

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Botox is not among Brinkley’s age appropriate beauty tips. She keeps it very simple so that anyone can look and feel their best. Among the blond beauty’s advice is to trusting how your favorite pair of jeans are fitting instead of counting calories, and to buy Spanx in one size smaller than one feels is required. For skin, Christie insists that one should eat walnuts, carrots, berries, green tea, wild salmon, tomatoes, and oysters. Her simple remedy to make hair shine is to pour champagne on it.

Good hair days are very important to Ms. Brinkley. She does own up to supplementing her golden mane with hair extensions, noting that a good hair day makes it easier for one to go out to concentrate on what really matters in the world. While others may believe that smiling will lead to wrinkles, Christie prefers to showcase a gleaming smile. An inspiration, her attitude and approach to life makes it evident why Brinkley on Botox and unnatural fillers is not a necessity for Christie in maintaining her timeless beauty.

[Disclaimer: The Inquisitr strongly recommends you consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program. The Inquisitr does not endorse any of the diets or diet techniques mentioned in this article.]

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