One Direction Are ‘Graceless’ After Chat Show Demands

It has long been claimed that One Direction have a very carefully managed image. In the five years since they appeared on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor, One Direction have been carefully managed and many would argue that their squeaky clean image is central to their success. Very few scandals have emerged regarding One Direction. The daily gossip tends to be about which One Direction member is dating which model but recently it seems that the worm is beginning to turn.

It has long been suspected that One Direction’s management carefully manipulate news stories to show Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Niall Horan in the best possible light. In a world where image is king people are desperate to insure that nothing tarnishes the brand that is One Direction. The closest thing to scandal that has hit One Direction all tend to involve Louis Tomlinson.

Tomlinson was at the centre of the big One Direction drugs “scoop” when he and Zayn Malik were alleged to be smoking cannabis in a video that leaked to the internet. Of course news of Tomlinson’s break up with Eleanor Calder and his subsequent babymaking with Briana Jungwirth has been one of the biggest One Direction stories in recent months. It may be the result of One Direction announcing that they are to split, at least temporarily that has encouraged the hacks to look beyond the obvious when it comes to One Direction stories.

As reported in Inquisitr Dan Wootton, writing in the Sun, was the first to break cover with regards to One Direction stories. Wootton claimed that One Direction are taking an extended break from each other largely because Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson cannot stand the sight of each other.

Of course One Direction’s management absolutely deny that there is any kind of rift within the band. So much so that One Direction agreed to an interview with the Sun supposedly to put the record straight. As reported in Inquisitr the journalists who conducted that interview said that One Direction insisted that certain topics were “out of bounds.” Journalists claim they were told that any mention of Tomlinson’s baby would lead to One Direction ending the interview immediately.


Today it is being claimed that not only do One Direction want to manage the topics of conversation in an interview, they want to dictate who else can appear on the same show. One Direction are to appear on Jonathan Ross’s ITV chat show this coming Friday, November 20. According to the Daily Mirror One Direction have demanded that veteran performer Grace Jones should be banned from the show they are appearing on. A source has suggested that One Direction fear being overshadowed by the wacky Ms. Jones.

“Grace is so entertaining and unpredictable that One Direction feared they would look tame in comparison.”

“Instigating the termination of a booking shows just how arrogant the band have become.”

The Sun claims that the way One Direction have behaved toward Jones show that they have become “sulky” and self-important. They also claim that One Direction asked for Jones to be replaced by an old friend of theirs, comedian Michael McIntyre, who they believed would make them look good.

One Direction Grace Jones
(Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The Sun claims that the interview with Ross “lacks spark” and shows that there are indeed deep rifts within One Direction. The claims of a rift within the band were evident again when One Direction flew to the U.S. for a series of interviews in support of their recently released fifth album. The One Direction boys travelled in pairs on separate aircraft.

A spokesperson for One Direction explained the decision to drop Grace Jones from the Jonathan Ross show.

“Jonathan’s show was going to be a One Direction special, with room for one guest, and management felt it was appropriate someone they were friends with should appear alongside them.”

What do you think of One Direction dictating who should appear alongside them?