Marriage FAIL: Drunk Groom Cheats On Wife At Wedding Reception [Video]

Drunk Groom

An Australian groom has decided to try for a record in how short her could make his marriage last. According to the Austrian Times, the groom got completely trashed out of his gourd at his wedding and then got caught having sex with one of the waitresses at the reception.

The 27 year old groom was in the kitchen of the reception hall having sex with one of the waitresses when the father of the bride went out looking for him and caught him in the act. The soon to be ex-father-in-law was enraged and walked out to the party and told the band to stop playing and for all the guests to go home.

The new bride is now reportedly saying she wants a divorce as quickly as possible but under Australian law a couple have to be married for a minimum of 6 months in order to file for divorce.

It seems to be that it is time to add this wedding to the marriage “Hall of Shame”. It will have to compete with such other Epic Wedding Fails such as The best man who tripped over his own feet and knocked his friend’s soon to be wife into a lake that the couple were positioned above so they could take their vows.

Watch the best man slip and knock his friend’s soon to be wife into a surrounding lake.

Of course there are those times where weddings and engagement’s also go completely right. Watch this video of a man’s flash mob to ask his girlfriend to marry him.