‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Hits Shelves Today And The Reviews Are In: Is This The Game You’re Looking For?

The highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront video game hits shelves full force today. Star Wars fans have been getting their galactic feet wet via a downloadable beta version of the game since October, but this is the first opportunity gamers have had to get their grubby little Jedi hands on the full Battlefront game. So what are the initial reviewers of Star Wars Battlefront saying? Well it seems the latest Star Wars game is receiving a positive but mixed response.

Gamespot reviewer Mike Mahardy had this to say: “Star Wars Battlefront reminds me why I love Star Wars.”

And while that seems like the biggest compliment that any die-hard Star Wars fan wants to hear, it’s what Mahardy goes on to say that might have the more docile Star Wars fan thinking twice before shelling out $60 for the game:

Battlefront lacks the longevity that makes its source material great. It offers initial engagement, and for the first 10 hours, it swept me through its harrowing firefights at a rapid pace. But then the cracks began to show. In the end, Battlefront feels more like an homage to Star Wars than a substantial Star Wars game in itself.”

Star Wars Battlefront screenshot courtesy of EA Official Star Wars Battlefront Website

US Gamer reviewer Kat Bailey seems to agree with that criticism, also citing that while she had “fun” playing the game, it seemed to be short and lacking a substantial “conquest mode.” Many reviewers anticipate that additional Battlefront game play will be available via download or that EA is simply saving up content for a Star Wars Battlefront sequel. With the rejuvenation of the movie series via next month’s much hyped Star Wars The Force Awakens, it’s likely the latter.

For those Star Wars gaming fans who have been intrigued the past few months leading up to the release of Battlefront over the seemingly incredible graphics, Metro compared the competing gaming system consoles, Xbox One and PS4, giving the PS4 the slight edge in graphic display. Metro‘s take on Battlefront itself was that the game outshined any previous version of the Star Wars Battlefront series to the point that the reviewers wondered why EA had even chosen to use a reboot of the name.

Star Wars Battlefront screenshot courtesy of EA Official Star Wars Battlefront Website

But since reviewers are basically the Jedi of gameplay, what exactly are the regular, scruffy nerf herders out there saying about Star Wars Battlefront? Firstly, Battlefront focuses on the original trio of Star Wars movies, most notably the planet of Hoth as featured in the second Star Wars film, The Empire Strikes Back. This has pleased the rebel alliance no doubt. But secondly, gamers are given the opportunity to explore the Star Wars universe in a completely unprecedented fashion.

According to Twitter, this disturbance in the force has left the majority of game players (and Star Wars fans) very pleased:

So it seems that if you’re a Star Wars fanatic who has ever dreamed of being a Jedi or making the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, Star Wars Battlefront may just be the game you’ve been looking for. But if you’re just a gamer, Battlefront may make you feel like you’ve gone a little bit to the dark side.

[Star Wars Battlefront cover image courtesy of EA.]