WWE News: Nikki Bella Trying To Avoid Surgery After Career-Threatening Injury

Nikki Bella proved a lot of WWE fans wrong when she won the Divas championship in 2014. When she defeated AJ Lee, not many people were a fan of that decision by WWE officials. Nikki’s been “arm-candy” since her debut, which didn’t grant her much respect from the wrestling purists in the WWE. They wanted to see Lee and Kaitlyn wrestle at every pay-per-view, and involve Paige with the storylines. WWE fans wanted to give divas a chance.

AJ Lee Kaitlyn WWE AJ Lee and Kaitlyn backstage. [Image via YouTube]By not accepting Nikki’s passion for the WWE, they weren’t giving divas a chance. That’s where Nikki’s drive to become the best came into play. She wanted to improve and be more than arm-candy. Nikki is now the longest-reigning Divas champion of all time, and she didn’t do it by walking around and hoping for a bikini contest to take place. Nikki wanted to wrestle and be respected for her in-ring ability.

To her credit, Nikki was able to do that and then some. When the Divas Revolution kicked into high gear and three of the Four Horsewomen got promoted, Nikki turned it into another gear. What makes Nikki Bella more impressive is her willingness to work injured.

Two weeks ago, Nikki told the world that she would be taking time off to rehab injuries. According to Ringside News, Nikki’s injuries are a lot worse than expected.

“As noted, Paige mentioned during an appearance on Gorilla Position podcast that Nikki Bella is expected to be out of action for six weeks. Back on November 3rd Nikki noted on Instagram that she was rehabilitating her injured neck with a collar. She also said she was having the bulging discs in her neck fixed.

“Apparently Nikki is trying to avoid having surgery to fix the bulging discs in her nick. The discs in her neck are pushing on her spinal cord, which is creating extra fluid in her nervous system. Nikki has been rehabbing her neck as many as eight times a day.”

Bulging disks in anyone’s neck is a bad thing, but for an athlete that puts their body on the line to entertain the masses, that doesn’t put Nikki’s chance of a 100-percent recovery at an all-time high. She will most-likely do what Paige said, and that’s miss six weeks due to rehab. However, if she is forced to get surgery, then she will miss a lot more time.

Neck surgery is a serious thing to undergo and it doesn’t matter if it’s a man or woman, healing isn’t a guarantee. Edge was never the same after his neck injury and surgery. Perhaps his was a bit more serious, but bulging disks isn’t a “walk in the park.”

Edge WWE Injury Edge discussing his injury in WWE. [Image via YouTube]There’s a reason why Nikki Bella got the top spot for the Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s top-ranked female in the PWI 50. Even though Charlotte, Paige, Becky Lynch, and Sasha Banks are better wrestlers, it takes two to tango, and Nikki is a good foil for the three Four Horsewomen. How long will Nikki Bella remain in the WWE?

She won’t go to any other wrestling promotion, which is a good thing for the WWE. Nikki is marketable, likable, and alongside her sister, Brie, they are the perfect tandem to be role models for young women who watch the WWE. Remember, it’s all a business at the end of the day. That’s why Nikki Bella held the Divas title for so long.

Her popularity from Total Divas helped the scenario, but she was able to back it up as a suitable champion in the WWE. She was a perfect heel. Nikki’s reactions were loud and isn’t that the goal of any WWE superstar?

[Image via WWE]