Apple Watch 2 Allegedly Set For June 2016 Release After Relative Failure Of Current Watch

The Apple Watch hasn’t taken off the way Apple had expected. Although many Apple Watch users love their device, many feel it’s a beta product. However, people need to remember that the first iPhone felt like a beta product as well, and the second version really changed the smartphone industry. Apple is allegedly preparing the second version of the Apple Watch, and it is said to be something that will finally help bring the watch industry back in full swing. Tech Times has the news.

“A new Apple Watch 2 could make its debut in the summer of 2016, according to new leaks from an Apple supplier… No details are currently available regarding the specs and features of the purported Apple Watch 2, but additional information will likely surface soon enough.”

Apple Watch 2
The Apple Watch has its fans, but has failed to take off in a way Apple thought it would.[Photo by Stephen Lam/Getty Images]

Many expect the Apple Watch 2 to be able to operate more on its own; it won’t require the iPhone to do everything. People also expect the Watch to operate a lot faster, due to a lot of complaints that things operate way too slowly. The first watch has also produced a lot of complaints about battery life, which is expected to be fixed in the next version.

According to Pocket-lint, there won’t be many changes in the design of the watch. It will have the same form factor as the first Apple Watch, and the screen resolution won’t be compatible. However, it will likely have a front-facing camera for full-on Dick Tracy-style video conferencing.

The International Business Times talked about some of the changes they would like to see on the upcoming Apple Watch. One of them was the addition of sleep tracking.

“Better battery-life would allow the Watch to start tracking its wearer’s sleep. Something it currently does not do, the Watch could use its accelerometer, heart rate monitor and microphone to record the wearer’s sleep, adding this data to the Health app on iOS.”

They also want to see an integrated GPS and running app.

“The Watch needs its own GPS connection so it can accurately track your running without needing to rely on the iPhone. Other watches and fitness trackers do this, and so should Apple,” says author Alistair Charlton.

[Photo by Bloomberg for Getty Images]

Apple will continue to face competition from Samsung’s Gear S2 smartwatch. Like the Apple Watch, Samsung’s has received mixed reviews, but the people who like it are very impressed. Techradar gave the Gear S2 four stars.

“This is by far Samsung’s best smartwatch yet, from its smarter, round design to the clever rotating bezel,” says reviewer Spencer Hart.

Hart thinks that the Gear S2 is definitely legit competition for the Apple Watch. He is especially impressed with the design but also feels that the watch lacks a developer’s community. Others were not so kind when it came to the Gear S2. For example, Gizmag said the Gear S2 had great potential but ultimately offered an incomplete experience. It seems that most agree that, like the Apple Watch, the Gear S2 is an excellent piece of hardware that is somewhat minimized by the software. However, Samsung has updated the software of the Gear S2 since the reviews have come out.

It would be difficult to call the Apple Watch a failure, but it’s even more difficult calling the device a success. Let’s hope the Apple Watch 2 proves the skeptics wrong and truly ushers in the era of the smartwatch.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]