Charlie Sheen ‘Lucky’ Despite HIV Diagnosis? That’s What Lorraine Kelly Says

Charlie Sheen has been the target of HIV rumors for the past week. Last week in The Sun, it was revealed that a famous Hollywood actor has allegedly been HIV positive for years, but hasn’t reportedly said anything to his former or recent partners.

There was a shocking report on Monday, Nov. 16 by TMZ, claiming Charlie Sheen will be making an important announcement on Tuesday’s edition of the Today show. The celebrity gossip blog claimed Sheen will reveal that he is HIV positive.

Scottish TV star Lorraine Kelly is speaking out about Charlie Sheen’s shocking diagnosis. She doesn’t believe the Two and Half Men star should be forced to make a public confession. Instead, she feels he should use his fame “to promote awareness and sex education,” according to a report via The Mirror.

“I do realize that there is still prejudice out there and completely understand if HIV sufferers want to keep their condition to themselves. That is their choice. I do, however, happen to think that this actor is lucky because not only does he have the best possible treatment that will prolong his life, he was also diagnosed at a time when people are better informed and have stopped being terrified by the disease.”

Fans have been guessing who the HIV positive actor could be since the rumor broke out. There have been a few clues, such as the actor’s bad boy and womanizing ways. It’s one of the reasons why people have guessed that Charlie Sheen is the actor that the tabloid is referring to. But, some think it’s too soon to say anything. At least, not until Charlie Sheen makes his official announcement on Tuesday morning. So far, these are just all speculations and no official confirmation from the actor himself has been released.

Lorraine Kelly [Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]Last week, it was reported that an A-list actor, who has a long list of ex-wives, girlfriends, and lovers, had been diagnosed with the disease for years. According to the reports that circulated the Internet, the actor has concerns that revealing his HIV diagnosis will have an impact on his career, along with lawsuits from ex-lovers.

The unnamed actor reportedly has a long list of famous exes that include an award-winning actress, a television star, a glamour model, a movie star with strong religious beliefs, and a Hollywood personality with a controversial lifestyle.

“Lots of people close to him have suggested he face this situation head-on and own it publicly. Obviously it would be a huge story, but the reality is HIV is entirely treatable in this day and age and it shouldn’t impact his ability to work or lead a normal life. It could be a game-changer in the understanding of HIV given that he’s a straight man.”

An inside source told the tabloid that the actor’s lawyer is aware of the situation and is preparing for lawsuits to come his way.

Not only has TMZ confirmed the news Charlie Sheen is planning to make an appearance on the Today show, but Us Weekly has also received some news about the actor. Inside sources confirmed to the tabloid that Sheen is in fact HIV-positive and plans to talk about his health during his interview on Tuesday morning.

NBC was the first to announce that Charlie Sheen would make “a revealing personal announcement” to Matt Lauer on Tuesday’s episode of the Today show. Following this report, TMZ, RadarOnline, and other media sites have reported that Sheen is HIV-positive and plans to talk about his health during the segment.

Charlie Sheen [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]These reports claim the comedian and actor has been keeping his diagnosis a secret for years, but it hasn’t been confirmed as to how many years. Despite these new allegations, Charlie has not taken to social media to address the rumors or his interview on the Today show tomorrow.

Another report via TMZ states that Sheen claims his blood is now HIV-free because of the medications and blood tests he has taken over the years. The virus is now “undetectable” in his system, but doctors advise that once someone contracts HIV, they have it for life. It can show up as “undetectable” in blood tests, but there’s still a chance of transmitting the disease as it never completely leaves the body.

Charlie Sheen has had a rough few years. He was fired from the hit CBS show, Two and a Half Men, in 2011 while being the highest-paid actor on television. He went on to star and produce his own show, Anger Management, on the FX network. Then, he had a public breakdown in which he gave an interview to ABC’s 20/20 complete with his now trademark phrases like “winning” and “tiger blood.”

What are your thoughts on the rumors about Charlie Sheen? Do you think he’s the HIV positive Hollywood actor that The Sun reported about? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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