‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: ‘A Big Turn’ Concerning Gabriel Is Coming That Impacts Kono And Adam’s Relationship

Gabriel is like that relative that just won’t go away in Hawaii Five-0 Season 6, and he’s been nothing but a thorn in Adam and Kono’s sides since the day after their wedding, and Chin Ho’s side for longer than that. Based on the latest spoilers, it’s only going to get worse before it gets better.

As the latest Hawaii Five-0 episode began, Adam was out in the middle of the woods, facing uncertain death and a possibly uncertain future for his wife. (Sure, they said that she wasn’t at risk, but with the people he was dealing with and Gabriel out there, who knew what was true and what was just an attempt at a platitude – or as close to one as men hired to kill someone after making him torture another guy for information can get?) Since Adam hadn’t been able to pay up just yet, Tom Bishop had orders to kill him, but to save his own life, Adam killed him and another guy, cleaned himself up, and looked ready to make a run for it.

A tense meeting on Hawaii Five-0
Adam finds out Gabriel paid his debt in Hawaii Five-0 season 6. [Image via CBS]

Unfortunately, he didn’t get very far (as in not even out of his home) before he was brought in to see Shioma. To his surprise, at this meeting, Adam found out that his debt had been paid in full, by none other than Gabriel, who had also paid his way into Shioma’s good graces. That’s also something that Chin Ho knows as well, as Gabriel tells him when also letting him know he has the Yakuza backing his every move.

Yes, this all means that if this had all been taken care of just a bit sooner, Adam wouldn’t have had to kill two men, something that weighs on him so much that he meets Kono at the police station at episode’s end, and in a surprising turn of events, reports that there are two murders, where to find them, and that he put the bodies there. In this situation, Adam could have easily kept the murders to himself, could have not even told Kono like he kept what happened as he left physical therapy to himself, and a secret like that is not new to a TV show. Instead, he goes to the police without telling his wife first, which, sure, it’s something he’s keeping from her, but at the same time, this means that he’s not putting her in a position where she has to feel at all torn between doing what’s right and protecting him.

Adam and Kono in Hawaii Five-0 episode 608
Adam reports two murders in Hawaii Five-0 season 6 episode 8. [Image via CBS]

The Hawaii Five-0 team is, of course, still after Gabriel, and after their latest case, they may be one step closer since the con artist who turned out to be a murderer also was tasked with gaining access to the team’s files for none other than Gabriel. Because they caught on to that part of the plan, it’s something they hope to use against him.

TVGuide has reported that the 10th episode of the season has a “big turn” concerning what’s going on with Gabriel and Adam that is “definitely going to affect Kono and Adam’s relationship,” according to showrunner Peter Lenkov. Gabriel is “definitely a big presence in their lives and everybody else’s.” This is also something that carries into the 2016 episodes, during which there will be “another major turn.”

And remember – as noted above, Adam never told Kono about what he was forced to do when he was taken after physical therapy. You would think that now that he’s reported those two bodies, that everything else is going to come out as well. “Her story’s going to be different than everybody else’s, because her story has been affected at least since the beginning of the season,” Lenkov has shared.

In somewhat happier news regarding Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 episodes after the winter break, Entertainment Weekly has already reported that Carol Burnett is “tentatively” going to return as Aunt Deb, though Lenkov has called it “closure for her story” and teased that she returns to Hawaii alone, despite getting married.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

[Image via CBS]