British Teens Don’t Know Where Bacon, Milk And Other Products Come From [Survey]

We love our dairy and meat products in the United States, so much so that little kids can often tell you where bacon comes from and how they get their milk. Teens and young adults in Britain are a different story, either they love to mess with survey takers or they have a very poor understanding of the food and drink chain brought to them by farmers.

A recently study of 2,000 youths aged 16 to 23 revealed that many food staples could not be identified by large groups of survey takers.

For example 7% of all survey takers thought milk came from wheat and not from dairy cows. Wheat was a popular answer in general with 8% of British youngsters claiming wheat made bacon while 36% said they didn’t know where bacon came from.

The survey also found that only four in 10 people knew that butter was made with milk from dairy cows.

Eggs on the other hand were generally given correct answers with 67% of survey respondents saying they came from chickens while one-third chose the wrong answer once again.

While there is the definite possibility that survey takers were simply messing with test takers over silly questions, survey creator Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) claims there is good reason most survey takers have no clue where food comes from:

“Three in 10 adults born in the 1990s haven’t visited a farm in more than 10 years.”

Regardless of visiting a farm I fail to see how they have never seen a chicken laying eggs on television or happened across a dairy cow documentary. I’m chalking this one up to silly teens and young adults who like to mess with insulting survey questions.

There is one person who shares the same food based confusion:

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