Smiley Teenage Drug Kingpin Takes ‘Happiest Mugshot’ Ever — But You Won’t Believe How Long Her Sentence Could Be

The internet has been charmed this week by the alluringly sunny mugshot of Sarah Elizabeth Furay, a teenage college student who gave a cheerful grin after getting arrested for dealing a shocking amount of narcotics. The viral photo is now being called the “happiest mugshot” in America.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Sarah Elizabeth Furay was arrested on Friday morning for a massive amount of drug-related charges. College Station police received a warrant for the “happiest mugshot” teen, raided her home and found large amounts of five different types of drugs. This included premium marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, packaged cocaine, and a manufactured clone of LSD. Authorities also uncovered various drug packing materials, two digital scales that Sarah Elizabeth Furay was using the measure the drugs, as well as a handwritten list of prices for the various substances.

Sarah Elizabeth Furay was arrested shortly after and placed on $39,000 bond. While her drug inventory is impressive, it’s the unforgettable “happiest mugshot” in America that is making her famous. You can see Furay’s jolly grin in the mugshot photo below.

Happiest mugshot in America
Sarah Elizabeth Furay, "Happiest Mugshot." (Photo by Brazos County's Judicial Records Search)

People have been left wondering what provoked such a smile given the dire conditions of her arrest, but she’s not the only person to have smiled during mugshots. The most famous is, of course, Justin Bieber, who gave a shameless grin after his DUI arrest. While it may not be the happiest mugshot in America, you can see the photos here.

It’s possible the “happiest mugshot” girl may not be smiling once she goes to trial. Though Sarah Elizabeth Furay has already been released from Brazos County Jail after posting her bail, she may not enjoy freedom for much longer. She has been charged with three counts of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance, as well as one count of drug possession.

Authorities also searched the cell phone records of the “happiest mugshot” drug kingpin and found multiple texts supporting the hypothesis that the 19-year-old was running a major narcotics enterprise from her apartment.

Police released an official probable cause statement regarding the arrest, claiming to have found a total of 31.5 grams of cocaine, 126 grams of high grade marijuana, 29 pills of ecstasy, and a whopping 60 doses of the LSD knock-off, which is called 25C NBOME.

Packaged drugs. Narcotics. [Photo by Joe Raedle / Getty Images]According to the Eagle, the staggeringly large amount of marijuana qualifies Sarah Elizabeth Furay for a state felony, which could mean up to two years in prison for the “happiest mugshot” girl and up to $10,000 in fines. But that’s not all. Furay is also facing two first-degree felony charges and a second-degree felony charge for manufacturing and delivering controlled substances.

This may not seem like a lot individually, but if you add all these charges up to a maximum sentence, Mrs. “Happiest Mugshot” in America could be looking at an unbelievable sum of 215 years behind bars and $30,000 in fines.

Do you think that sort of sentence would wipe the smile off the face of Sarah Elizabeth Furay?

To watch the local news report on Furay and the “happiest mugshot” story, check out the video below.

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What do you think provoked Furay to give the “happiest mugshot” in America?

[Photo via Brazos County’s Judicial Records Search]