5SOS Next ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ Music Video Will Be Created By The Fans

5SOS told fans that their next single release from the new album will be created by the fans. 5SOS’s second album was released just last month, and to show they care, 5SOS want to give all the people supporting them a chance to be a part of the new video.

5 Seconds of Summer want to release “Jet Black Heart” as the next single. Since Sounds Good Feels Good dropped on October 23, it brought Luke Hemmings and company their second No. 1 album debut on the music charts. Last year’s self-titled 5 Seconds of Summer brought the boys atop the charts on their first full-length try. Not a bad start for the pop punk outfit.

“Jet Black Heart” should give the band an even bigger push. Currently, they hold the seventh position on the Billboard album charts. But with the third official single being a bit different for the first two, both in tone and sound, they should gain even more fan attention and maybe even catch the notice of more serious rock fans. “Jet Black Heart” offers a more grown up sound. “She’s Kinda Hot” and “Hey Everybody!” are more about four guys having fun. But they show a sound better suited to guys maturing into manhood on “Jet Black Heart.” A sound like this is more suitable for guys gaining experience in the music world, and if they want to have longevity, they may need to go in this direction more and more.

“To our amazing fans…We’re so excited to let you know that our next single is going to be ‘Jet Black Heart.’ We made this song and this album for you. We decided to share with you what is really going on in our lives in the hope it might help some of you with whatever is going on in yours. You guys are everything to us and we would be nowhere without you. We hear such incredible stories from all of you about your lives and what our music means to you everyday; whether it be online or in person, we love hearing you as it makes all the hard work we put into this worthwhile. So we want YOU GUYS to help us make the music video for ‘Jet Black Heart.’ If you want the chance to feature in the video for ‘Jet Black Heart,’ we want to hear from you. You can send us an email telling us what this song and album means to you.”

Either 5SOS really love their fans, or they really can’t think up any ideas for a video concept. But nonetheless, they offer a chance for members of the 5SOS Fam to appear in the video.

Besides the new single, Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin, and Michael Clifford will star in a movie based on their massively successful tour. The How Did We End Up Here? movie will be released on November 20.

Though the group often gets compared to One Direction, they neither consider themselves a boy band nor want to be compared with One Direction. According to The New York Times, 5SOS has something that One Direction, and even young pop star Justin Bieber, doesn’t have. Though their songs are the same easy to swallow pop music, 5SOS are less controlled, more individualistic, and veer more away from the pop machine, but not enough to lose fans. With two solid No. 1 albums in two years, if they can expand in creativity while keeping the same fan base, 5SOS will have succeeded in bringing a rock aesthetic back to pop.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV]