Trevor Noah Slams Discrimination Against Muslims, But Gets Torn Apart By Twitter

Trevor Noah may have a problem with ratings, but he certainly doesn’t have a problem with telling people they’re wrong when they use the latest attacks in Paris to discriminate against all Muslims. Business Insider Australia has the news.

“‘We saw it with the attacks yesterday,’ he told a sold-out audience at New York’s Town Hall theatre, referring to the crisis in Paris. ‘Immediately people say it’s Muslims,’ he continued. ‘It’s Islam. I hate that religion.’ It’s not the religion. Islam means peace. I’m not even Muslim, but I’m not even comfortable with this. Islam means peace. It’s so easy now to label it as a terrorist religion.'”

Trevor Noah Muslims Trevor Noah slams stereotypes against Muslims and uses some humor to make his point. [Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images]Business Insider Australia adds that Mr. Noah continued to drive his point with a little bit of humor. He said that the truth is that most Muslims are not terrorists, and we know this because they are still alive. His act garnered laughs and a very positive reaction from the audience. However, some people on Twitter were not impressed.


There were some people who are thankful that Trevor Noah spoke out, especially since the Paris attacks had just happened the night before.


Trevor Noah has had a rough time lately. His show has been criticized by both the left and right. Alternet suggests his show has no bite and he has left Fox News off the hook.

“One of the key differences between the comedy of Stewart and the comedy of Noah is that, no matter how frustrated Stewart got over the inanities he was covering, he never gave up hope and he never stopped fighting for social justice. Meanwhile Noah seems to focus his show on finding examples of stupidity and laughing at them.”

Perhaps a lot of people agree with Alternet‘s criticism since there aren’t that many people tuning in to The Daily Show these days. Even though Noah’s ratings were down 37 percent, the show’s PR team used The Wrap to put a spin on the failure of the show. Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless told the site she isn’t concerned about the ratings.

“So far, so good, according to Comedy Central President Michele Ganeless. ‘I couldn’t be happier,’ she told The Wrap, adding that the new guy offers ‘a more global … millennial perspective.'”

Ganeless added that Jon Stewart agrees and that she is absolutely certain Comedy Central made the right choice. However, the commenters after the article were very suspicious and many argued it was a fluff PR piece. Neither Trevor Noah nor Comedy Central has responded to the allegations.

This should be an interesting week for Trevor Noah on The Daily Show. After the attacks in Paris, he really has the platform to attack those who are using the events in Paris for political gain. Noah certainly has a lot of charisma, but lets hope he uses more than his charisma to spark a dialogue this week. What do you think about Trevor Noah? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]