Smart Beer Mugs Enable You To Drink Responsibly

From college life to house parties, there’s a Kickstarter out now for smart beer mugs. According to Tech Times, this is not your standard mug, and it is called ePint. This is a reactive drinking vessel known to light-up depending on the mood of the party or a game day celebration.

ePint, as reported by Kickstarter, has a campaign with over 130 backers with a goal of $50,000. The mugs can also connect to the internet for when the mugs detect you’ve had too much beer. In fact, it can be set up so that it may call a cab in case you’re too inebriated to drive. Also, according to Tech Times, the idea was implemented by Xtreme Tech, LLC. for the needs of the avid party goer.

Beer Mugs Smart Mugs Epint
Pretty neat beer mug - it's hollow and filled with a liquid that freezes, so you stick it in the freezer, and then when you use it it keeps your beer cold. [Photo by Karl Baron/Flickr - Licence]

“The ePint is a smart, internet-connected beer mug that can covers your drinking party needs.”

Sensors have been fitted for when you get low on fluid and keeps count the number of drinks you’ve had. For those with a smart phone that goes along with the smart beer mugs, there are Android and iPhone apps that work in conjunction with the device. The Bluetooth range for the mug is up to 180 feet.

Keep in mind, the “drink responsibly” mantra only applies if you responsibly pre-set the smart phone app for the amount of beer it takes until it’s necessary to call a cab. That would depend on you, of course. When that’s all done, you can make your way to the party and when the beer limit is exceeded, the mug will do its thing.


According to Female First, there are other fascinating features for these beer mugs. For instance, it is equipped for drinking games or lights up when a fan’s team scores a point. A bottle opener is located at the bottom of the mug for convenience. There’s also a feature for the purpose of “recovery” where it tells you the amount you need to re-hydrate, as well as amount of required exercise needed to recuperate.

Smart Beer Mugs This worked nicely with fill-in flash and ambient back lighting. [Photo by Gemma Amor/FlickrLicense]According to News Watch TV, the beer mugs have their own open API so developers can come up with their own app for the mug and can even alert the bartender for when a refill of beer may be desired.

The Kickstarter pledge system starts at $10, where at that cost, the donation will merit you an email from the company thanking you for your support and your name on the website; $20 warrants a thank you, bottle opener, and name credit on the site; and $30 gives you an ePint beer mug at a discount off the $59.99 MSRP price, shipping is inclusive if it’s being sent within the U.S.

Higher donations from backers for these mugs will allow for package deals for mug sets at a discount.

Additional features that are included with the beer mugs are social media connectivity, a rechargeable battery that has quite the longevity, integrated fluid detection, and it’s also water proof. That being said, it’s also dishwasher safe. The latter would make sense, since electronic components likely need to be water sealed. There’s also a standby mode for when it’s idle.

As far as setting it up for team favorites, it looks like you can browse through a selection of teams and set for Red Zone Alerts and scoring. That way, the beer mug can be set up to flash your favorite teams color upon making a touch down. Drinking games already included are a chugging contest and musical chairs. Also, a single app can take over multiple ePint mugs for the purpose of entertainment as well.

Hopefully, Xtreme Tech will reach their goal as put forth for December 5 and if it reaches the $50,000 amount, according to Female First, intend on having the ePint beer mugs ready for shipping in April of 2016.

[Photo taken by Alison Ratcliffe/FlickrLicense]