Nokia N97 hits, priced at $699- because crack is expensive!

Nokia, is you high?

On the heels of the Apple's new, more competitive iPhone pricing strategy and Saturday's release of the Palm Pre, Nokia has launched the Nokia N97- priced at just under $700. The lowest-priced iPhone now runs about $99 and the Palm Pre can be had for about $199- with a contract.

Nokia N97s are not tied to any particular carrier and thusly are not subject to contract incentives. But still, Nokia- $700? Really?

Features include a 5-megapixel camera and video capture, 32GB of internal storage (upgradable to 48GB) and browser support for flash video. However, most consumers considering such a high-end phone will likely already have a decent digital camera and a computer for storage. While the same argument can be made for the ubiquitous iPhone, it doesn't have to justify a $700 price tag. And my iPhone has a Magic 8-Ball in it. A Magic 8-Ball.

Other N97 specs include a full QWERTY keyboard, a tilting 3.5" touch screen and a customizable home screen. Battery life is rated a 9 hours talk-time, 6.5 on 3G networks. Bargain hunters take note- the N97 has been spotted on Amazon for a mere $603.99.