Restaurant Patron Stiffs Waitress On Tip, Claims Only ‘U.S. Citizens’ Deserve Gratuity — Note Goes Viral

A man who dined out at an upscale Thai restaurant in California over the weekend has yet to come forward after his refusal to leave a tip for his waitress caused a viral firestorm on social media, and sparked a report on a major Los Angeles TV news station — a report that sparked a whole new round of outrage.

Why the anger at the man, whose name is being withheld publicly but was reportedly revealed in social media posts which have now been removed? Because while it would have been obnoxious enough to simply leave the “tip” line blank on his credit card receipt, even though he had no complaints with the service he received, the diner chose to leave a note on the receipt with his reason for stiffing his server.

Here is a photo of the receipt, as it appeared on social media. The diner’s name has been blurred out by the original poster.

Restaurant tip waitress citizen [Photo via KNBC-TV Screen Capture]For those who are unable to see the above image, here’s what it shows. On the line where the “tip” amount would generally be filled in by the vast majority of restaurant patrons, this particular diner at the Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach — about 45 minutes south of Los Angeles — chose to pen the phrase, “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”

KNBC-TV, which first reported the story, attempted to reach out to the man, asking him to explain his reasoning behind not only leaving his waitress without a tip, but leaving the note as well. But according to the TV station, the man has yet to respond.

The waitress is reported to be a woman and mom of two in her 30s who is a native of Thailand, but who lives and works in the United States under a legal visa.

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According to the co-workers of the working mom, her goal is to one day obtain a green card, so that she can give her children the better opportunities afforded them in the U.S. than in their native Thailand where poverty remains widespread, despite recent economic growth.

“She thought it was her fault, that maybe she did something wrong to offend him or something,” one of the woman’s co-workers, who gave her name as Adison, told the TV station.

“No, she’s just living in the United States in an era when disenfranchising immigrants is the popular thing to do,” one typical online response to the story, on the blog Addicting Info.

“Just look at the likes of Donald Trump and the Republican Party whose anti-immigrant rhetoric is driving people to the polls. When this sort of speech is so widely accepted and even promoted by the media, it’s no wonder that it winds up on the tip line of a hard working waitress just trying to make a better life for herself,” wrote blogger Sarah on the Addicting Info site.

Other online commenters could only wonder why a man who seems to display contempt for non-United States citizens — even those residing in the country fully legally — would want to dine at a Thai restaurant anyway.

The viral story out of Redondo Beach, California, was the second story in the past week involving a diner who stiffed a waitress on a tip — and left a rude note supposedly giving a reason for the stinginess.

Last week, Jessica Morris, a waitress at an eatery in Centerville, Ohio, was stiffed on a tip by a woman who accused Morris of flirting with her husband, leaving the following note on her receipt.

server tip Facebook husband [Photo via Jessica Morris / Facebook]Again, for those who are unable to see the above graphic, the note reads, “He’s my husband, find your own. Good luck.”

In that case, the waitress took to her own Facebook page to inform the woman who refused her a tip that not only was she simply being friendly, as most diners expect servers to be, she, herself, was married just a month earlier — and her husband was working in the same restaurant just one section over. Read the Inquisitr coverage of that incident at this link.

[Photo via Bamboo Thai Bistro website]