‘Teen Mom 2’ Couple Corey And Miranda Simms: Baby Remi Is In ICU, When Will She Be Home?

Teen Mom 2 couple Corey and Miranda Simms welcomed their first child tighter, daughter Remi, earlier this month, nearly two full months before her due date, and ever since, the child has been under medical care in the ICU.

While the Teen Mom 2 stars have all but cut off their communication with fans, with Corey quitting Twitter all together, and Miranda making her account private, Corey’s step-mother, Joetta, and father, Jeff, have made it a point to keep fans in the loop with their new granddaughter’s health.

Most recently, Joetta shared the following response to a fan, letting her know that the Teen Mom 2 couple’s new baby could be headed home soon.

Since wrapping filming on Teen Mom 2 Season 6 over the summer, Corey and Miranda have distanced themselves from their online critics, choosing to instead focus on their marriage and the impending birth of their baby girl. Corey also recently went to court, where he was granted primary custody of his 5-year-old twin girls, Ali and Aleeah.

Last month, during the Teen Mom 2 star’s custody battle with first wife Leah Messer, Messer lost primary custody of her children after a judge discovered she was taking them to school late or not at all. According to an In Touch Weekly report, Corey “was awarded primary custody, effective immediately” on October 13.

“Leah only gets the girls on the weekends now,” a family insider told the magazine of the longtime Teen Mom 2 star.

As fans of Teen Mom 2 will recall, Corey filed for full custody of Messer’s twin girls in 2014, around the time Messer was accused of abusing prescription pills and cheating on her then-husband, Jeremy Calvert, who filed for divorce one month later.

“Leah’s really been screwing up since then, so Corey took her back to court. The judge looked at the girls’ school records, which show that they’ve been late for school, and made the change in custody.”

In addition to the Teen Mom 2 custody battle over the twins, Messer, a mother of three, was said to be facing a second custody battle, as well, due to her failure to pay close attention to her 2-year-old daughter, Adalynn.

“Everyone is very worried about Addie. She recently wandered out of the house while Leah was distracted. Thankfully, a police officer found Addie and brought her back home… If [Jeremy] can find [a job] nearby, he’ll go for the same custody arrangement that Corey did.”

Throughout the sixth season of Teen Mom 2, Messer was accused of using drugs by both Corey and Jeremy. Although the mother of three continuously denied the allegations against her, many fans weren’t buying what she was saying, due to her questionable behavior on the show, which included nearly passing out while holding a baby, and putting her children to be at midnight on a school night.

Also during Teen Mom 2 Season 6, Messer and her first husband came clean about an affair they had with one another just two months after Corey married Miranda in June, 2013. The admission was certainly shocking, but it didn’t seem to have much of an impact on Miranda, who chose to forgive her husband for his infidelity.

As their daughter continues to be watched by doctors in the ICU, Teen Mom 2 couple Corey and Miranda Simms have remained completely silent.

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