NASA Data Transformed Into Reggae Music

Reggae-rock group Echo Movement recently asked a group of scientists to turn NASA data into a piece of musical composition and that is exactly what the team at Georgia Tech’s Sonification Lab accomplished.

Using data collected by NASA the group of researchers assigned numerical values to the dimming and brightening of a binary star as another star crossed its path. The teams software than created “sonified musical pitches.”

To give a more “clean” sound the group then eliminated any ambient background noise that resulted from their mathematical correlations.

Echo Movement then took those sounds and looped them into a four-part harmony. The sound isn’t anything ground breaking but you can download it HERE (.Wav file).

If you have had a chance to listen to the composition it is not quite the type of Star Wars orchestrated music of John Williams but it is truly the sounds of the universe, at least based on one teams mathematical calculations.

The data used was collected from the Kepler telescope which is currently being used to search for Earth-like planets.

When asked why they chose to make a song constructed from space sounds one of Echo Movement’s members noted:

“People have made music with space sounds before, but largely using pulsars and space events that can be recorded in the radio spectrum. We wanted something completely off the chart.”

Sure the music isn’t going to get you up on your feet and rocking out but even the most “experimental” bands such as Radiohead and Self can’t claim to have constructed their songs with the sounds of NASA collected data based on mathematical calculations.