‘Scream Queens’ Brings ‘One Tree Hill’ Star Chad Micheal Murray And Alan Thicke To Thanksgiving

Scream Queens is set to feature a few exciting guest stars as it heads into its holiday episode, titled “Thanksgiving.” While most of the ladies of the Kappa sorority will be enjoying Thanksgiving in the company of each other, Chanel (Emma Roberts) will be spending the holiday with Chad (Glen Powell), where a few guests stars will be making their appearance.

In fact, according to Hollywood Life, the episode will feature Chanel being introduced to two of Chad’s brothers, Brad and Thad, played by One Tree Hill star Chad Michael Murray and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Additionally, Chad’s father will be played by Alan Thicke, while Julia Duffy and Rachele Brooke Smith will round out the guest cameos in the installment as Chad’s mother and a close relative, respectfully.

'Growing Pains' star Alan Thicke will play the patriarch of the Radwell family on 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]

Although details about the episode are few, an array of photos from the set have been released online. The photos, which were released on Pop Sugar, feature numerous scenes from Scream Queens with Chanel and the Radwell family, including a few closeups of the coming guest stars.

This includes an image of Thick toasting everyone during the dinner, while Chanel, Chad, and the rest of his family look on. At the same time, another dinner image shows Chad grabbing Chanel after it appears that the butler has announced something surprising. Exactly what they are reacting to is unknown, but it clearly has Chanel shaken up.

Speaking of Chanel, she is set to get up close and personal with Murray. In one of the images, Chanel is shown talking with Murray’s character alone while he leans on a large mirror. While it isn’t known what they are talking about, it does seem as though it is something important. Perhaps they are discussing something about Chad’s past?

Other images include a few shots of Smith and Schwarzenegger on a couch with the rest of the family, and a close up of Duffy, who is playing Chad’s mom in the episode. While the photos feature everyone who is set to cameo in the coming installment, Thicke is prominent in the majority of them, indicating his character might have a large role to play in the holiday feast.

Meanwhile, aside from Chanel and her outing with Chad’s family, the other ladies at the sorority are set to meet up for a Thanksgiving dinner of their own. According to The Movie Network, Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) comes up with the idea for a Thanksgiving dinner in order to bring some unity to the house following all the murders.

The photos reveal that the entire gang will be present at the Thanksgiving feast. This includes the likes of Grace (Skyler Samuels), who looks terrified in one image, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, Oliver Hudson, Billie Lourd, Abigail Breslin, and Diego Boneta.

Skyler Samuels is terrified of something on the next episode of 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]
Skyler Samuels is terrified of something on the next episode of 'Scream Queens.' [Image via Fox]

However, despite all of Munsch’s good intentions, things do not go as planned as the young women start to accuse each other in order to find out the true identity of the Red Devil. The images from the episode seem to back this up, as the characters seem very serious in the photos and not thrilled or excited to be celebrating Thanksgiving. Exactly what transpires during the dinner is still unknown, but it will be interesting to see if the ladies get closer or further from discovering the truth about the murders.

While it will definitely be exciting to see Murray and Schwarzenegger in action in Thanksgiving, which is set to air November 24 on Fox, fans will have to wait one more episode to see them appear on the show.

The upcoming episode, titled Ghost Stories, is set to air November 17.

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[Image via Fox]