Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright Of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Are Planning To Expand Their Family, Need Help With A Name

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are getting serious. After beginning their relationship earlier this year and moving in just weeks ago, Vanderpump Rules’ newest couple is planning to welcome a puppy into their family.

On November 15, Cartwright made the following announcement on Twitter.

“We are getting a Yorkie puppy in 4 weeks and I’m sooooo excited!I need some help with boy name ideas.”

While Jax Taylor and Cartwright haven’t been dating for too long, they appear to be completely in love and happy. Although Jax Taylor is known as a playboy on Vanderpump Rules, the first few episodes of the show seem to show a different side of him. As he continues to promote the Bravo reality show, he can’t stop gushing over his new leading lady.

Cartwright is “probably the best girlfriend I ever dated in my life,” Jax Taylor said during a November 10 interview with the Daily Dish. “She is just such a put-together, solid girl. She’s beautiful, amazing. She takes great care of me. She’s just got all the Southern charm. Her upbringing is amazing. She’s just got good family values.”

“She’s always smiling, no matter what, even when we’re arguing. We’ve had our arguments [and] I can’t even argue with her because she’s just smiling. She’s got a Southern drawl. She’s so cute and she’s just so innocent. She’s just, I don’t know, it’s really good right now. Knock on wood.”

Jax Taylor’s friends, including Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, have spoken openly about their love for Cartwright. The rest of the cast seems to be on board with the courtship, as well, as they are often spotted with Jax Taylor and Cartwright — even when they aren’t filming for the show.

Speaking to Bravo earlier this month, Maloney, who reportedly met Cartwright before Jax Taylor, spoke of the new woman in her co-stars’ life.

“I love Brittany and knew there was something about her from the moment I met her. She had an air of innocence but also had a lot of sass and could hold her own. I was reluctant to introduce her to Jax but I couldn’t stop him from getting to her.”

Maloney admitted she was “nervous” when Jax Taylor and Cartwright’s relationship began moving fast, but once she noticed Jax Taylor was truly putting in an effort to be a “better boyfriend” than he had been in the past, her concern diminished. Nowadays, looking back on the start of Jax Taylor’s romance with Cartwright, Maloney claims she’s just what he needed and hopes they will both be in it for the long haul.

Prior to dating Cartwright, Jax Taylor had been linked to a number of women, most recently a woman by the name of Carter, whom he brought to a party for Scheana Marie on Vanderpump Rules Season 4 Episode 1.

As fans continue to learn more about Cartwright as the fourth season continues, Jax Taylor’s life outside of his new love will take center stage when he reunites with Stassi Schroeder for the first time in years since their dramatic breakup played out on Vanderpump Rules. Schroeder, who returns to the show later this year after initially quitting in May, will also be seen meeting with Lisa Vanderpump.

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[Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images]