Sharks At The Mall Photo Was A Hoax

There are no sharks swimming at the mall. At least not at the Kuwait Scientific Center.

A photo circulated around the internet this week showing two sharks swimming in the lobby of a mall. The story, which circulated around with the photo, was that the shark tank collapsed at the Kuwait Scientific Center, and that the sharks were swimming around at the bottom of the escalators waiting for an unsuspecting visitor to make the trip down to shark infested mall waters.

But it turns out that the shark photo, and the story, are fake.

Jamie King is apparently responsible for the photo-shopped image. King wrote on Twitter:

“The shark photo is a hoax. I made it as a joke, in response to the flooding at Union Station in Toronto.”

King said that he often gets compliments about his photo-shop skills and that he enjoys making unbelievable images look believable.

King told Grind TV:

“The trick to making good images is to make the viewer question its reality because it looks real and natural.”

According to Now Public, this isn’t the first time the photo has created buzz on the internet. The photo has been passed around since May 2012, when Union Station flooded.

Here’s a photo of the original flood sans sharks. Were you fooled by the shark photo?