Bethenny Frankel Invites Martha Stewart To Join The ‘RHONY,’ Claims Mogul ‘Should Get Paid To Rip Me’

Bethenny Frankel apparently has a great suggestion for a new cast member in the next season of the Real Housewives of New York City. According to People, the reality star has expressed her opinion that producers should bring Martha Stewart to the hit reality series. Although her comments were supposed to be taken lightly, they come following the news that some of her co-stars are holding out for a higher salary.

Martha Stewart appeared on Frankel's talk show 'Bethenny.' [Image via Fox Television] Martha Stewart appeared on Frankel’s talk show, Bethenny. [Image via Fox Television]Frankel was a guest on Late Night when she told Seth Meyers about her grand idea for the show to sign Stewart. Although she admitted that Stewart would be a tremendous addition to the show, he also thought that she and Stewart would definitely not see eye to eye on many issues.

“She doesn’t like me. She never really has,” Frankel told the host. “She’s consistent.”

As fans may recall, Frankel was a part of The Apprentice: Martha Stewart back in 2005, and she didn’t exactly get along well with the mogul. In fact, Frankel described Stewart as the “parent [she’s] always tried to get to love” her.

“We had a moment where we were going to do something on TV recently together … She just never misses the opportunity to say something negative about me or my products, so I think she should be a Housewife… She could get paid to rip me! You know what I mean? That’s good for drama.”

Despite her comments about Stewart, Frankel did manage to get second place on Stewart’s show. While she stated that her desire to impress Stewart used to bother her, she has since moved on with her life. “I gave up on that a couple years ago when I had my own show.”

Aside from the idea of adding Stewart to the show, the Real Housewives of New York is currently in production for Season 8. With that in mind, E! Online is reporting that a few of the cast members are still trying to iron out their contracts as filming for the new season has already begun.

“I love how it’s like GE buying something—it’s the big Housewives negotiation,” Bethenny Frankel commented in regards to her co-stars holding out for more money.

Speaking of the negotiations, Frankel went on to state that everyone on the show is replaceable at some point. While she did not say it directly, her comments definitely allude to the idea that some of the ladies may not be returning to the series if they don’t come to terms soon.

Bethenny Frankel and Martha Stewart first me when Frankel competed on Martha's season of 'The Apprentice.' [Image via NBC] Bethenny Frankel and Martha Stewart first me when Frankel competed on Martha’s season of The Apprentice. [Image via NBC]“There is a negotiation. I think that we’re all replaceable. In the very beginning when I started, we had a little clout because it was such a big deal. But, you know, you can find crazy people,” she explained during the interview. “Go to any mall in America, you can find some crazy bitches. You know what I mean? So, I feel like you can only negotiate so far, and I negotiate all day long in my other businesses and I just think that all the women think, ‘They can’t do the show without me.’ And then they end up having to do whatever Bravo wants them to because they all need it.”

At point in time, it is not clear when the remainder of the ladies on the show will reach an agreement on their new contracts. If they don’t wrap up their negotiations with the network soon, then it might be a possibility that the show will look elsewhere for talent. However, this probably does not mean that Stewart will be joining the show any time soon, regardless of Frankel’s comments.

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