Scheana Shay’s Marital Troubles: Mike Shay Stays Out Of The Spotlight

Scheana Shay knows that it will be painful to watch Vanderpump Rules with the rest of the world over the next couple of weeks. In the trailer for this season, Scheana revealed that her husband, Shay, had disappeared and that she hadn’t seen him for about four days. In addition, Mike’s close friends question him in regards to his pill use. As it turns out, Mike Shay has used pills continuously throughout the entire time that he has known the guys.

It sounds like Scheana Shay is shocked to learn that her husband has been using drugs. She will learn of the news on tonight’s episode, and the trailer quickly sparked many rumors in regards to him moving out and them splitting up. While they appear to still be going strong, Mike has taken some steps back to stay out of the spotlight this season. While Scheana is busy on social media, Mike is staying out of the spotlight.

According to a new Instagram post, Scheana Shay is now revealing that Mike is still very much in her life, as he is the one taking all of the pictures of her. Just because he isn’t in front of the camera doesn’t mean he has been kicked to the curb by Scheana.

“Hey Mike Shay, babe hold on I gota take a pic real quick. The Talbott hotel is AMAZING and I’m loving the early Christmas feel!” Scheana Shay revealed on Instagram this weekend while sharing a picture of herself on a sidewalk.

It is quite possible that Mike Shay simply doesn’t want to let himself be judged by the world, so he is staying away from social media. Many of the stars often claim that social media can be a horrible place, and if he is struggling with a personal issue, he may not want to open himself up to more criticism. But over a month ago, Mike did post some loving messages about his wife, Scheana.

“Somehow she finds a way to make me fall in love with her more every single day! I’d be lost without you sweetheart. I love you soooooo much!” Mike Shay revealed about his wife on Instagram about five weeks ago, adding on their anniversary, “I got so caught up having such an amazing anniversary yesterday I forgot to post my picture. I love you so much sweetheart! Happy Anniversary.”

We are full! ☺️ @Dolce_Italian and @LDVHospitality thank you for filling my tummy! I want to come back for brunch! 😝

— Scheana Shay (@scheanamarie) October 13, 2015

This drug issue isn’t something that came up prior to the trailer for Vanderpump Rules. Even though his friends have known about it for months, they all kept it to themselves. While filming, Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz were shocked to learn that he had been dealing with this issue. And because it was so personal, it makes sense that none of his friends spoke out about it. Even Scheana Shay’s best friend Ariana Madix didn’t say anything about it to the press while filming.

“There are some relationship issues between [Scheana Marie] and Mike Shay; some issues with him personally,” Ariana Madix has previously revealed to She Knows, adding, “Just different relationships and different friends are put to the test in a new way that people haven’t seen before.”

“[Scheana Marie] is one of my closest friends, but Mike Shay is one of my best friends, as well. We’ve had a lot of conversations on our own, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s not something that I’ve ever thought was going on with him.’ And I felt really horribly,” Ariana revealed, adding, “I felt really horribly that he didn’t feel comfortable talking to anybody it, and that he was kind of suffering through this alone. It bummed me out on a level that’s hard to describe, and so I’ve really, 100 percent just hope that he knows that we’re here for him, always and forever.”

What do you think of Scheana Shay’s decision to stay in the spotlight while her husband remains more private? Will you be watching tonight as they open up about this marital issue?

[Image via Instagram]