Paris Attack: The Killers And Their Victims

Paris, the City of Light, was shaken by brutal suicide bombings and bloody shootings on Friday evening after a gruesome attack by terrorists. Many people perished in the carnage while perpetrators are still being hunted down by authorities.

The most current reports say that 129 people died from the gruesome Paris terrorist attack, 352 people are wounded, and more than 99 are in serious condition. Authorities have identified citizens from at least 15 countries among the casualties. Some are still missing.

The victims who came from other countries are as follows.

Algeria: Based on reports by the official APS agency, two Algerians – a 40-year-old woman and a violinist studying at the Sorbonne – were killed in the attack.

Belgium: Three Belgians were among the victims, confirmed the Belgian foreign ministry.

Brazil: Two were injured, according to Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff.

Britain: One was killed, but the UK foreign office stated that "a handful" may be dead.

Chile: Two casualties were reported – a man and a woman identified as the niece of Chile's Ambassador to Mexico.

France: A large number of the casualties were present at the concert at Bataclan, and among them were Thomas Ayad, 34, Elodie Breuil, 23, and Caroline Prenat, 24, to name a few.

Mexico: Two female Mexicans died. One holds dual citizenship with the U.S. while the other one is of Mexican-Spanish descent.

Morocco: One died while one other was wounded.

Portugal: Two Portuguese were identified among the dead, according to official statements from Lisbon.

Romania: The Bucharest foreign ministry stated at least two Romanians were killed in the Paris attack.

Spain: A 29-year-old man who was watching the concert at Bataclan was reported dead.

Sweden: One was killed while one sustained injuries from the shootout. The foreign ministry is still in the process of validating the reports.

Switzerland: Several Swiss nationals were reported to be among the wounded, although no exact number has been confirmed.

Tunisia: Two Tunisian sisters who resided in the French region of Creusot were killed, reports from the Tunisian foreign ministry said.

USA: Nohemi Gonzalez, a student from California who holds dual citizenship with Mexico, died. Several other Americans were wounded.

Three Belgians who were believed to have knowledge of the attack were arrested while one Frenchman was identified, François Molins, a prosecutor from Paris said. The Frenchman's name is Salah Abdeslam, and Belgium has released a warrant of arrest for the suspected terrorist.

Abdeslam was one of the three brothers who were allegedly involved in the Paris attack. He was questioned but was not detained. According to Molins, the attackers moved in three co-coordinated teams. Statements from the witnesses and video clips obtained from the crime scene confirmed that the first bombing that night took place at the front gates of the Stade de France.

Fifteen people were identified dead in and around the Le Petit Cambodge in Rue Bichat during the second Paris attack, which happened at around 9:25 p.m. in the 10th arrondissement. A second explosion was heard around 9:30 p.m. at Gate H of Stade de France, where a suicide bomber was killed. Then, a shooting took place at a bar in the 11th arrondissement, which left eight wounded victims and five casualties.

Nineteen people were killed at the Belle Equipe Rue de Charonne, while nine were badly wounded. A suicide attack in the Conte Voltaire at Boulevard Voltaire followed suit.

Witnesses of the bombings from the bombed establishments in Paris confirmed seeing a Seat car, while the suicide bombers were all identified by the police to be wearing similar bomb suits.

The Paris attack that occurred at the Le Bataclan took 89 lives. People were watching the performance of an American band called Eagles of Death Metal perform when the assailants came in and started a shooting rampage.

Terrorist group ISIS claimed responsibility for the Paris attack. Police authorities in the French capital suspected that the assailants were able to get into the city by hiding among the refugees. CNN said the perpetrators remain at large.

[Image by Andrew Renneisen by Getty Images]