Watch England Vs. France Live Stream From London, Friendly Football Match Will Go On Despite Paris Terrorist Attacks

Watch England vs. France live stream from Wembley Stadium in London in a historic friendly match on Tuesday, November 17. The match will go on despite the horrific Paris terrorists attacks of last Friday.

It will be less than a week since France was last on the pitch in Paris, facing off against World Cup champions Germany, when ISIS terrorists attacked multiple locations around the city killing almost 130 people and injuring more than 300 others. The Paris attacks included at least one suicide bomber attacking the Stade de France,where the match between France and Germany was ongoing, with President Francois Hollande in attendance.

After it became clear that explosions were happening outside the stadium, the public rushed on the field and out the doors to try to find safety. German players were forced to spend the night at the Stade de France since their hotel had received a threat earlier in the day and was on lockdown.

In an incredible show of solidarity, French players — who were also concerned about their and their families’ safety during the ongoing Paris terrorist attacks — stayed with their German rivals overnight. Germany’s acting FA president, Reinhard Rauball, praised France’s players for their “outstanding gesture of camaraderie” after they refused to leave the Stade de France in a show of solidarity with their opponents, who were stranded out of their hotel. The teams spent the night on mattresses at the stadium, according to Guardian.

When you watch England vs. France live stream you will see how bitter and centuries-long rivals come out in a small show of support with those killed and injured during the Paris massacre Friday night. The tragedy affected members of the French national team directly. Midfielder Lassana Diarra’s cousin, Asta Diakite, was one of 129 people killed in the Paris terrorist attacks Friday and striker Antoine Griezmann’s sister escaped from the Bataclan theater, where 89 people died at the hands of ISIS terrorists, according to BBC.

French coach Didier Deschamps offered the 23 players, who are part of the national football team, the option to pull out of the match against England voluntarily. All players declined and will be traveling to London to play the friendly at Wembley.

It is well-known that France and England are bitter rivals and dislike each other immensely, but perhaps for the first time in modern history, those feelings will be set aside in a show of support for their fellow European neighbors after unspeakable carnage during the Paris terrorist attacks.

France has received worldwide support during this past weekend’s sporting events, including in the U.S. with NFL and College Football teams displaying the blue, white, and red during games. Watch England vs. France live stream to see two world-class football teams send a message to terrorist that they will not be intimidated, in a friendly that has taken added meaning since the Paris terrorist attacks.

Watch England vs. France live stream
Solidarity with France during NFL games Sunday (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

When you watch England vs. France live stream from Wembley stadium, you will see how England shows its support for France. The Wembley Arch is expected to be lit in the colors of the French flag to show solidarity and the French motto ‘Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite’ (Liberty, equality, fraternity) will be displayed on the monitors located outside the stadium. Additionally, the French national anthem — “La Marseillaise” — will be played before the game with the words displayed for any who want to join in.

England manager Roy Hodgson is on board with French Football Federation president Noel Le Graet’s decision to go ahead with the friendly and said, “football world is united against these atrocities.” There will be increased security at Wembley so fans who plan on attending the match should arrive early.

Watch England vs. France live stream from Wembley stadium in London HERE. Kick-off is at 3:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday, November 17.

[Photo by David Rogers/Getty Images]