One Direction: Did Simon Cowell Just Hint Split Is Permanent?

One Direction returned to their roots last night. The Sunday evening results show of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor saw One Direction return to the stage where they set the foundations for a music career that no-one would have thought possible. When One Direction came third in the 2010 season of X-Factor, most everyone assumed that Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik would go the way of the vast majority of boy and girl bands that appeared on the show.

Before One Direction, X-Factor had a fairly dismal success rate with the bands category. Before One Direction, bands simply came and went on the show, and Cowell and his fellow judges were desperate to uncover a successful band. The 2010 season of X-Factor threw up the usual crop of desperate wannabe’s in the band category and once again, it looked like the band category would bomb. That is until the judging team had a brainwave and formed One Direction out of a group of youngsters who did not make it through the “bootcamp’ stage as solo singers.

When One Direction placed third on the show, it was assumed that they would perhaps score a hit or two and fade into obscurity in the same way that many had before them. What no-one saw coming was that the fans, mostly very young girls, had taken One Direction into their hearts.

One Direction may not have won the show, but they had certainly won millions of admirers. It also seems that mentor Simon Cowell had not only taken One Direction into his heart, he also had complete faith in their ability to make him money.


With Cowell’s support, One Direction has gone on to huge success. One Direction has almost 120 music industry awards behind them, they have four No. 1 albums under their belts, and they have been seen performing live by an estimated 7.5 million people after four mammoth world tours in as many years.

Cowell and his company SyCo have been an absolutely fundamental part in One Direction’s success. That is why One Direction fans across the world will be concerned by Simon Cowell’s latest comments about the band. Talking to the Mail on Sunday, Cowell seems to admit that, despite his closeness to the band, he does not know if One Direction will come back from their hiatus.

“The way I look at it with One Direction is that we’ve had five fantastic years and they’re totally exhausted. They need time out, but they will all be fine and if they want to come back, they will. If not, they’re all going to be OK.”

You may remember that it was reported in the Inquisitr some months ago that Cowell had admitted drip feeding information about One Direction’s split to the media in order to soften the blow for dedicated fans. On that occasion, Cowell also admitted that the success of One Direction members solo projects would ultimately decide whether or not One Direction would reform or not.

“The official statement is One Direction are taking a year’s break to pursue solo projects but the truth is they may never come back together.”

According to the Mirror, Cowell admitted that he knew Zayn Malik was quitting One Direction for good way before it actually happened, but he was determined to shield the rest of the boys. Cowell’s words will be a real worry to One Direction fans, especially as they come just days after the Belfast Telegraph reported that Liam Payne told Radio 1’s Live Lounge that he will be spending the next two years writing songs.

Despite constant speculation over One Direction’s future, the boys insist that they will be back at some point in the future. They have promised One Direction fans time and again that they will return. One Direction fans will be hoping that this is the truth.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]