Ronda Rousey Taken To Hospital After Getting Knocked Out By Holly Holm – Pride Hurt More Than Body?

Ronda Rousey was taken to hospital after she was knocked out by Holly Holm at UFC 193. Though she is expected to make complete physical recovery, the bruised ego and shattered pride might take a little longer to heal.

Rousey was ferried to a local Melbourne hospital after she lost to Holly Holm at UFC 193 in Australia on Sunday. In one of the astonishingly swift defeats, Rousey was knocked out by Holm in the first minute of the second round of their bout.

While Rousey appeared a little dazed, she did not suffer any concussion. However, she was taken to a hospital not just as a standard procedure, but also because she suffered a nasty gash on her lower lip. She was examined by a physician and treated by a plastic surgeon. Rousey is expected to spend a single night in the hospital and could be discharged as early as Monday morning. While the fight was surprisingly short, Holm’s attack was unforgiving, which overwhelmed Rousey, who went down within a minute of the fight’s second round.

Though a small scar might be visible, Rousey could be visibly more upset about the defeat she suffered at the hands of Holm. Suffering such injuries is quite common at UFC fights. UFC president Dana White explained that the now-former undefeated champion had to be taken to a hospital to be stitched up,

“Yeah, she went to the hospital. Her lip is split, and they’re going to have to sew her lip and put some stitches in it.”

Ronda Rousey has been lauded as one of the toughest fighters ever to get in the Octagon. However, she too, was stunned by the unrelenting, swift, and downright aggressive attack launched by her opponent, Holly Holm, who went to work immediately after entering the arena. Though not one to take a beating, Rousey took far more direct strikes during the fight than what she could dish out.

The UFC’s female bantamweight champion surprisingly looked like an amateur when Holm started raining punches. It is important to note that Holm is a former professional boxing champion. Moreover, Rousey had shared her apprehensions about facing her, during her interview with Jimmy Fallon.


Holm did not let Rousey breathe in the two short rounds. After being dazed by a skillful left-hand punch, Rousey dropped to the floor, stunning the crowd. Holm, who was unrelenting till then, threw a head kick, that would all but seal the deal. The kick, followed by a couple of punches, sent Rousey crashing to the floor as crowds watched with their mouths open in disbelief. Holm then went to work on Rousey who was lying on the ground. Realizing there was no way Rousey was getting up, the referee quickly pulled Holm away, who went away cheering, surprised about the outcome that came so early on.


Recovering from the assault, Rousey sat up, albeit pretty dazed. Holm seemed jubilant, but might have been concealing disbelief about her win. Undoubtedly, this fight would be considered as one of UFC’s biggest upsets, reported Yahoo.

Subsequent to the fight, Rousey was taken to a local hospital. It’s not uncommon for a fighter to be taken to the hospital for examination after defeats where they are beaten pretty soundly and knocked out, reported MSN. Though there were concerns Rousey might have suffered some serious injury, preliminary medical examination has confirmed the fighter is okay. There were no serious issues, added Dana,

“As far as I know, she’s good.”

Rond Rousey too, confirmed her well-being on Instagram:

Ronda Rousey certainly won’t be happy going from 12-0 to 12-1, and should be back with a vengeance to reclaim her pride.

[Image Via Screen Grab From Ultimate Fighting Championship Official YouTube Channel]