Young Thug’s Freestyle In France Not A Hit, But He Is

Ah, the entity known as Young Thug. Just 24-years-old, he has more written, assumed, surmised and depicted about him than many rappers twice his age. Known for his gregarious fashion, which includes the majority of female clothing, including tutus, skinny jeans, dresses, and scarves, Young Thug makes no attempt to hide the fact that he is, in fact, bisexual. Though he is engaged to a female, his somewhat love-struck social media to fellow male rappers, including Gucci Mane, who is an idol of Young Thug’s but is in prison for an assault conviction, leave many people guessing as to who his true love may be, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Young Thug is also no stranger to crime, living to his name as a real gang-banger, and having previously claimed ties to the prolific gangs the Bloods and the Crips. He is in trouble with the law in the United States for multiple reasons, one incident a result of an altercation with a mall security guard in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, where he was apparently shopping with his entourage and there was some kind of disturbance. At that point, the guard asked young Thug to leave, but he staunchly refused, instead threatening to shoot the guard. At that point, police were called, but in the meantime, Young Thug and his comrades had fled the scene, leaving the Atlanta police to obtain a search warrant for his home, which yielded five charges, all of them drug related.

However, Young Thug was given permission by a U.S. judge to proceed with his world-wide tour, which includes Europe, even in the face of yet another legal issue, more serious in nature. In this indictment, Young Thug and his record-label owner and friend Birdman are accused of attempting to kill Lil Wayne. Last April, Lil Wayne’s tour bus was shot at multiple times, and while there were no injuries, an acquaintance of Young Thug’s has been charged in the attempted murder. Both Young Thug and Birdman vehemently deny any association with the attempted murder of Lil Wayne.

Young Thug, often known for his sullen and withdrawn interviews in the United States, has flourished in Europe, making more appearances and giving more in-depth interviews than ever before. Young Thug recently stopped by the French morning show Good Morning Cefran and spat a live freestyle, much to the delight of fans everywhere, but the results may have been less than expected, according to Hot New Hip Hop.

The French DJ gives Young Thug an eccentric beat unlike those that are found on Slime Season 2, and Young Thug definitely takes a little while to find his groove, mumbling and off-beat before finally connecting on a series of bars. It’s certainly not a stellar freestyle, but it is very characteristic of Young Thug’s spontaneous and erratic recording process, which seems to keep many fans hooked and coming back for more. The freestyle did improve as he went, giving way to a rousing applause, which may have been simply for who Young Thug is, and not necessarily reflective of his freestyle abilities, which are long heralded as of major importance in Hip Hop music, of which rappers such as Eminem are known to be masters.

Uproxx goes as far to say his freestyle “sucks”, which probably won’t go over well with die-hard fans. Young Thug’s engineer Alex Tumay described his method for freestyle.

“A lot of engineers are a little confused ’cause you have to have an understanding of timing, because he’ll rap the same bar three or four times in a row. It will sound almost identical, but he will be like, “Pick the third and put it in the sixth bar of this verse,” and he’ll fill in the blanks.”

You can catch his freestyle here, courtesy of You Tube.

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