‘Magic’ Floating Cup Freaks Out Drive-Thru Workers [Video]

Drive-Thru Flying Cup

Drive-Thru employees were freaked out this week when YouTube magician MagicofRahat took to their food delivery windows to show off his “flying cup” trick.

Rahat achieved his simple prank with a product called “magic string” which allowed him to suspend soft-drink cups in mid-air from the roof of his car.

As workers examine the magic soft-drink cup some of them laugh, some freak out and in one case a workers fellow employees say she has cracked up from working too many hours after she claimed the cup was flying while Rahat failed to prove her story to her co-workers.

Pay close attention to the prank and you’ll see a picture of Britney Spears pop up and disappear when one worker calls for their fellow employee who goes by the same name. Rahat also quickly displayed a few more memes and various captions to add humor to the piece.

Some employees likely went home scratching their heads, in the meantime the YouTube magician’s simple and friendly tricked proves just how much people will let their imaginations run wild.

“Magic String” is not a new invention in magic but it has been getting a bunch of attention thanks to really cool illusions always being posted on YouTube.

Here’s the “Drive-Thru” magic floating cup video:

If you really like this trick be sure to check out a demonstration of “The Tarantula” which utilizes “magic string” to float objects right in front of unsuspecting eyes. Here’s the “Tarantula” trick demonstration: