November 16, 2015
WWE Rumors: Vince McMahon Has Given Up On Daniel Bryan's In-Ring Return

Wrestling fans love watching Brock Lesnar and The New Day and a number of other superstars, but everyone wants to see the return of Daniel Bryan. His injuries have kept him out of the ring and away from WWE for the majority of the last two years. Some wonder if he'll ever be able to come back, and now the big man himself, Vince McMahon, appears to have finally given up on seeing him have an in-ring return ever again.

According to The Wrestling Observer, it's getting to the point now that Daniel Bryan really may never step foot into a WWE ring again as a competitor. His doctors have said they've cleared him, and he's ready to wrestle. WWE doctors have not yet cleared him and won't allow him to get in a ring and fight.

Vince McMahon? The head honcho of WWE is getting a frame of mind that one of his most popular superstars just may not be able to compete again.

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As the company awaits the opinion and diagnosis from a third doctor as to Daniel Bryan's health, the possibility of him returning to the ring becomes less and less. WWE doctor Joseph Maroon brought forth findings in the past that Daniel Bryan really shouldn't ever wrestle again.

The neck injuries, combined more specifically with his concussions, are just too much. Doctors that won't clear him are looking out for his well-being and believe his future health and wellness are too much at risk.

It's believed that a third doctor's findings may have already been submitted to WWE and they simply aren't making them public yet. With whatever is in those findings though, Vince McMahon is said to be wavering closer toward Bryan's in-ring career being over.

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Vince McMahon is not sure what Daniel Bryan's future may hold, and he's said to be going "back and forth" on what exactly to do.

The results of the third doctor's findings being kept secret doesn't seem like the best of news for Bryan. If McMahon won't make them public for the WWE world to know, then maybe they're at a point where Bryan is cleared but maybe the doctor doesn't "recommend" him getting back in the ring.

With Daniel Bryan's doctor, who works with the Arizona Cardinals of the NFL, clearing him and giving him the go-ahead to get back in the ring, one has to wonder what WWE doctors have found. WWE is not going to risk the health of any superstars at all as the public backlash and possible lawsuits could be too great.

Wrestling Inc. knows that the NFL doctor clearing him is a good sign, but that was months ago.

daniel bryan return vince mcmahon wwe rumors
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Daniel Bryan knows that his health is most important and that WWE is trying to do what is best for him. His frustration is obvious, though, and he realizes that there is always the chance of wrestling elsewhere if WWE won't allow him to do so.

He would never put himself at risk though, and knows that the word of multiple doctors may be too hard to ignore. Just last month, Bryan said that retirement from in-ring competition certainly isn't out of the question.

"If they send me to a third neurologist who's also highly respected in the concussion field and they say literally no, then is it really smart to go against two doctors?"
WWE really could use Daniel Bryan on television right now with all the injuries and absences of main event talent. Still, Vince McMahon, as much as he may want the popular superstar to return, won't allow him to jeopardize his health, life, and well-being just for an in-ring comeback.

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