Raqqa: Why It’s A Hotspot of JIhadist Activity

Raqqa, Syria, has been a city of unbelievable instability and hostility, and now it has become a strong headquarters for the Jihadist group ISIS that has taken over much or Iraq and now Syria. Millions of refugees are attempting to flee Raqqa and the ever deteriorating safety net there, as several airstrikes from France reportedly hit Raqqa within the past several hours.

Raqqa has been named as a home to several ISIS headquarters, the militant group that has increasingly had a strong hold in the middle east despite the presence of American and allied forces. Fear of ISIS expands as thousands of Syrians attempt to leave the country daily, as the abject terror of ISIS knows no bounds. The latest terrorist assaults in Paris are the latest of many sad and apparently unprovoked terror: mass graves of elderly welcome had recently been unearthed near Raqqa, and many women and children are taken and sold into sex slavery by ISIS in Syria. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the original women and girls who were taken by ISIS approximately 18 months ago have reportedly borne children, as ISIS has apparently boasted about “new life.”

Although there are many reports of mass chaos and “terror” in the city tonight, as expected, Raqqa was not always known for destruction and pain. On the contrary – at one time it was a haven of commerce and benevolence, very first-world in conditions as compared to the majority of the Middle East.

However, due to its prime location, including relative proximity to local cities, ISIS decided Raqqa was a good place to began hostile takeover. Today, Raqqa is home to a major ISIS jihadist command center and several highly militant ISIS training compounds, many of which have been reported to have been bombed by French and allied forces tonight, with an unknown number of enemy casualties. Tonight, there has been reports of no water, which is not uncommon for Syria, a country which has been plagued by massive drought that is climate related, but worsened by war. Also tonight in the city are massive areas of blackouts and no electricity, which is a major threat for civilians caught in the crossfire, according to Daily Mail.

Although Raqqa is in the stronghold of ISIS terror at the moment, swift and aggressive attacks by France and allied forces may promote a change in the political climate of Raqqa as well as the parties that hold the power. Meanwhile, the most prolific voice of Raqqa from ISIS extremists had harsh words for France prior to tonight’s strategic French bombings on ISIS strongholds, according to VOA news.

“The stench of death will not leave their noses. As long as they remain at the forefront of the crusaders’ campaign, dare to curse our prophet, boast of a war with Islam in France, and strike Muslims in the lands of the caliphate with warplanes that were of no use to them in the streets and rotten alleys of Paris.”

While many American and allied forces have been targets of ISIS terrorism, multiple countries’ intelligence continues to research the seemingly vicious hatred of France and determination to annihilate the confidence of the country. Meanwhile, France’s quick and aggressive action may have been more than ISIS had anticipated, as France has not always held a reputation as aggressive in wartime and may have been inaccurately viewed as an easy target by ISIS.

Tonight Raqqa is war-torn, with many dead and many civilians cowering in terror. As the aftermath of the strike against ISIS strongholds unfolds, we may see the emergence of a new culture in Raqqa.

[Photo by Milos Bicanski/Getty Images]