Three Cases Of Weird Lil Wayne ‘Identity Theft’ Appear

Is it possible that there are many Lil Waynes in the world in addition to the one that regularly reaches the top of music charts? In a strange twist of fate, it appears that early November is the time when anyone that looks like or uses Lil Wayne’s name is in the news. Unfortunately, one incident of trying to look like Lil Wayne is revered as particularly poor taste — and should always be avoided.

Currently, Lil Wayne is in the news for his breakup with the talented Christina Milian. In a report by BET around November 12, Christina Milian alleges that she split with Lil Wayne because of other women — and she may have loved Lil Wayne more than her ex-husband.

For example, Christina Milian recently revealed in her reality TV show Turned Up that “she did a little investigating and found out that a woman with a ‘fake butt’ and ‘stripper tattoo’ posted a photo from Weezy’s house. Whatever else may have transpired between Wayne and the mystery woman isn’t documented on the show.”

Heartbreak aside, there are at least three people in the news that are trying to steal Lil Wayne’s thunder in mid-November by impersonating him in some way.

First of all, despite frequent headlines about the rudeness involved with using complexion-related makeup to change a person’s race, Lil Wayne’s headlines have been tarnished by an instance like this.

Steeler’s Lounge explains on November 15 that it was recently revealed that country music singer, Jason Aldean, used “blackface” to create a Lil Wayne Halloween costume. No comment has emerged over whether Aldean will give Lil Wayne an apology.

Another instance of an online Lil Wayne that is not from Louisiana is in Ghana. In Africa, there is a person that uses Lil Wayne’s name, and he is an actor. Ghanaweb describes “Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne” as one of the funniest entertainers in Ghana and quotes him saying the following.

“I am nobody. I have not changed, and I am still the Lil Wayne that you used to know. It is by the grace of God and my fans that I am who I am today. But as humans, we will not get everybody to love us. Definitely some people will hate us so those who hate me will describe me arrogant. If I start to be arrogant what will I gain and who will buy my CDs? It is not true that I am arrogant.”

Sadly, the other instance of people that look like or use Lil Wayne’s name involves an allegedly unsavory character. On November 13, Fox 6 Now reports that there is a criminal wanted by Milwaukee police for crimes against children. They state that Dewayne Jones “goes by the alias Lil Wayne … U.S. Marshals say he has a tattoo on his right arm of ‘LIL WAYNE.’”

Of course, these three instances of Lil Wayne impersonation in some way are nothing compared to a 2011 event called the “Lil Wayne Look Alike Project.” The video series is described as a prank, and the stage for the video was at a Lil Wayne concert in Canada.

Later in 2011, Lil Wayne got in a fight with a look alike from Africa called Young Nucho, according to 24-Hour Hip Hop and Straight From The A. After Lil Wayne performed in South Africa, he went to a club where Young Nucho was partying and the two allegedly fought.

Although many Lil Wayne look alikes get dissed, Lil Wayne does have one doppelganger that seems to get approval from many. Part of the Rich Gang, Jacquees spoke out in January about what it was like to look like Lil Wayne, according to the Lil Wayne HQ fan blog.

[Picture by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]