El Salvador Witness Films Mysterious Orb UFO In The Sky [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

A resident of Santa Tecla, a municipality in the La Libertad department of El Salvador, reports sighting and filming a UFO sphere flying in the sky over the city.

According to the witness in his testimony filed as Case 61227 in the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database, he was outside on October 29, 2014 at about 5: 37 p.m. local time snapping photos of the late afternoon sky when he noticed a UFO sphere.

Open Minds-TV reports that when the witness noticed the object flying across the sky from the south -- from the direction of nearby capital city of San Salvador -- he thought at first that it was a helicopter. But the object changed direction suddenly and slowly, and began flying eastward until it disappeared.

"When I noticed the object, I guessed it would be a helicopter."

The witness was excited by the sighting and reported it to MUFON. The organization investigated the sighting, but was unable to determine the nature of the UFO.

The video shows a orb UFO floating or flying over buildings. Photos snapped by the witness also show an apparently undifferentiated orb floating in the sky. Some viewers have suggested that the orb could be a balloon floating in the wind. But UFO hunters say that judging from the manner in which it changed direction -- as described by the witness – the object was most likely a powered flying object and not an object floating passively in the wind.

Orb UFOs are probably the most commonly reported type of UFOs. UFO hunters have suggested that alien races monitoring Earth use orb-shaped UFOs almost exclusively for surveillance activity.

Many orb UFOs are luminescent and described by witnesses as "glowing orbs." But other orb UFOs are white or light-colored. Dark-colored orb UFOs are relatively rarely seen.

Probably the most remarkable case of human encounter with a glowing orb UFO was reported about three decades ago by Marshal County Sheriff's deputy Val Johnson.

Johnson's violent encounter with a glowing orb UFO occurred on August 27, 1979 while driving his squad car on a lonely rural road near Warren, Minnesota.

According to Johnson, the glowing orb UFO, about a foot in diameter, and flying about three and a half feet off the ground, approached his car and apparently shot a light beam that blinded the driver and damaged his car.

Johnson's UFO encounter was the subject of a prolonged investigation by police authorities but the mystery of the incident was never solved.

The car in its original damaged condition is preserved at the Marshall County Museum in north Michigan where visitors can still see it (see video below).

The video caused considerable excitement in the online UFO community at the time and sparked speculations about alien UFOs conducting Earth surveillance worldwide.

Footage showing what appears to be a UFO releasing a smaller glowing orb as it crashed to Earth over California also went viral in January 2015.

[Image via George Stock/Wikimedia]