7-Year-Old Girl Goes Missing From Football Game, Found Dead Minutes Later Behind School In Apparent Homicide

A 7-year-old little girl from Kentucky, Gabriella Doolin, was reported missing by her mother after she vanished from a high school football game. The little girl was watching a football game at Allen County Scottsville High School when her mother says she vanished. After she was unable to locate her daughter, the frantic mother called police to report her daughter missing at 7:40 p.m. The police responded immediately and found the girl’s dead body in a creek at 8:05 p.m, just 20 minutes after beginning the search. The police have not released a cause-of-death but claim it is a homicide investigation and that they are looking for the killer.

Girl murdered at high school football game
Gabriella went missing from a high school football game and was found just minutes later murdered in a wooded area behind the school. (Image via Facebook)

The Daily Mail reports that Gabriella Doolin was at a football game in Scottsville, Kentucky, when she went missing. The little girl had attended the game with her mother, but quickly disappeared. The girl’s mother called the police to report the child missing and a search party was formed. Sadly, just 20 minutes after responding to the football game, the little girl’s dead body was found in a wooded area behind the high school in a creek. The police are investigating a possible homicide, but have not released the cause-of-death.

Girl Missing From Football Game 2
Gabriella Doolin, 7, went missing from a Kentucky football game. She was later found dead behind the high school in an apparent homicide. (Image via Facebook)

The police say that the investigation is ongoing and that there are no suspects or persons of interest at this time. However, it was reported that police went to a residence on Mount Carmel Church Road after receiving a lead. Meanwhile, Trooper B.J. Eaton with the Kentucky Highway Patrol says that the little girl’s body was taken to the Louisville Medical Examiner’s office. Though the cause-of-death has yet to be officially determined, Trooper Eaton says the case is being investigated as a homicide but did not provide details as to why.

“At this particular time, the investigation is being handled by the detectives at our post. And it is being handled as a homicide.”

The Scottsville Police Department seems certain they are dealing with a case of murder and say that they will find the “monster” who committed this unspeakable act.

“We also want the Doolin family and our community to know KSP, Scottsville Police Department and the Allen County Sheriff’s Department will not rest and do everything in our power to make sure the monster who committed this horrific crime is found and made to be held accountable for his actions.”

Meanwhile, Gabriella Doolin’s father Brian took to Facebook to thank everyone for their continued prayers. He says he would give anything to hold his baby girl one more time and says that he would have gladly traded places with her if he could.

Brian Doolin
Grieving father Brian Doolin says he would give anything to hold his little girl again. (Image via Facebook)

WBKO reports that police officers are eager for tips as they do not want to go home without any leads. Therefore, they say they are following up on any and all leads they receive in regards to the case and hope to have enough information to resume an active search. In the meantime, no suspects or persons of interest have been released in the murder case and the police are hoping for official autopsy results at any time.

“This could happen anywhere, very quickly. I think it’s safe to say Allen County has changed forever.”

[Image via Facebook/ Brian Doolin]