Woman Cheats Death Three Times In Horrifying Dashcam Footage Of Collisions On Snowy Montana Road [Video]

A mother in Montana cheated death three times in a horrifying snowy collision on a Montana highway. The woman’s first brush with death came when she was involved in a collision on the highway. However, shortly after the first collision as a responding state trooper’s dashcam rolled, the woman’s vehicle was hit by an out-of-control semi. She was subsequently thrown from her car from the force of the semi-truck as it plowed into her vehicle. However, after being thrown from the vehicle into the snowy median, her harrowing ordeal was not over. The woman narrowly escapes death for a third time when a tractor trailer lost control and barely missed her body as she lay helpless on the ground. The entire ordeal was captured on the police officer’s dashcam video and shows the heroic efforts of the state troopers on the scene to keep the woman safe, despite putting themselves in danger.

The Daily Mail reports that the Montana Highway Patrol has released a startling video of a woman’s brush with death in a bid to encourage people to slow down this holiday season. With winter weather approaching, the Montana Highway Patrol is hoping the video will serve as a wake-up call to drivers.

The horrifying yet heroic video shows the moment that the woman was ejected from her vehicle as the semi-truck smashed into her car. It also shows the heroic efforts of the responding state troopers as they attempted to keep everyone on the scene safe. The Montana State Troopers Wade Palmer and Timothy Templeton arrived on the scene following the first crash which left the mother and her two daughters on the side of the road. However, the horror was not over. As the troopers looked on, an out-of-control semi-truck smashed into the parked car. One trooper immediately called for medical help as he ran to aide the victims of the crash.

Montana Highway Patrol
Montana State troopers watch in horror as a semi-truck plows into a car. (Image via Youtube)

However, he soon realized that something was off when the passengers in the car explained that their mother was “missing.” The trooper can be heard shouting that someone is missing and frantically begins searching the ground. He quickly realizes that the mother is in the median on the other side of the road and screams at cars to slow down as they whiz past her incapacitated body.

The trooper makes his way to the woman and tells her the medical help is on the way. Meanwhile, the other troopers try frantically to get cars to slow down. As cars continue to speed through the area, more vehicles lose control and crash into the current pile of wreckage. The troopers do their best to evacuate everyone up a hill on the side of the highway, but the mother cannot walk or be moved due to severe injuries. Therefore, Palmer remains by her side as cars whiz past them.

Montana Highway Patrol
The moment that the state trooper pulls the woman to safety. (Image via Youtube)

The third brush with death comes as a state trooper screams for Palmer to take cover as an out-of-control tractor trailer can be seen skidding down the road towards the injured woman and the trooper. The trooper is able to pull the woman out of the path of the truck, and moments later an ambulance arrives. The frantic scene was released by the Montana Highway Patrol in hopes that people would understand why it is so important to slow down during winter weather and especially around a crash scene.

Fortunately for all of those involved, the Montana Highway Patrol says that everyone was able to survive the crash.

[Image via Montana Highway Patrol]