Trump News: ‘The Donald’ Kicks Ronda Rousey While She’s Down

In more Trump news today, “the Donald” made sure to weigh in on last night’s shocking upset loss of Ronda Rousey to new UFC Bantamweight Champion Holly Holm.

Donald Trump may have written The Art of the Deal, but he appears to be even better-versed in the art of kicking someone while they’re down.

Holm was a huge underdog going into the bout, but quickly established her dominance before landing a crippling kick to Rousey’s face/carotid artery about a minute into Round 2 for the easy victory.

Trump news bytes as of late have been confined to campaign talk, illegal immigration, and bringing his own unique brand of color to the Paris attacks/ISIS.

But he wasn’t about to let an outspoken supporter of Bernie Sanders suffer humiliating defeat without getting in a shot or two of his own.

The Donald took to his Facebook page Sunday evening to tell his followers exactly what he thinks of Rousey and her loss. Here’s what he had to say.

“Glad to see that Ronda Rousey lost her championship fight last night. Was soundly beaten — not a nice person.”

Granted, with what Trump has said about other women he doesn’t like — namely Rosie O’Donnell — this could be construed as comparatively kind.

After all, he openly admitted to hitting O’Donnell with this barrage of insults at the first GOP debate.

His insults have gotten to be an art form to the point that it’s hard to see a Trump news day go by without a bit of invective aimed at someone.

However, this particularly gleeful barb is slightly disturbing considering the severity to which Rousey was beaten.

She didn’t just lose a fight. She was knocked unconscious for several minutes, had her lip mangled, and was forced to go to the hospital.

That said, it is not much of a surprise that Trump would decide to call out Ronda. There is certainly a history between the two.

CNN once asked Ronda what she thought of Trump’s campaign style and a potential Trump White House.

“I wouldn’t vote for him,” Rousey said. “I just really wouldn’t trust the guy with running my country. That’s all. I’m not really going to get into the specifics of it but, I mean, I don’t want a reality TV star to be running my country.”

Since that brief statement against “the Donald,” Rousey has revealed more of her political leanings, and they are quite “Left,” with the former champ voicing support of Bernie Sanders in the upcoming 2016 general election.

Since many consider Sanders left of Hillary Clinton, it is hard to imagine Ronda switching her allegiance to Donald Trump should Sanders be eliminated from the race.

Therefore, the Donald probably didn’t lose her vote by taking the shot that he did at her Sunday night, but he may face some backlash.

Facebook commenter Chris Diaz called Trump a “savage,” a statement that garnered 988 likes on its own at the time of this post.

He was, however, in the minority, at least on Trump’s Facebook page. Just 36 minutes after he made the post, it had garnered 7,852 likes, 729 shares, and more than 1,300 comment threads.

Most of those numbers could be taken as positives. Here’s a small sampling of supporter reactions.

“She endorsed Bernie Sanders! She deserved it! #Trump2016… Rousey didn’t lose, her win was redistributed!… She feeling the buuuuurn now :) #Bernietards… I love Donald Trump we hate all the same people!”

What do you think of this bit of Trump news? Was the Donald out of line celebrating the bludgeoning of a woman, or did Ronda “provoke” his ire? Sound off in the comments section!

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