One Direction Charity Book Art Defiled, 1D Offered J.K. Rowling Cameo

One Direction has been dominating headlines with news about their anticipated release of Made In The A.M. along with the tragic coincidence of the terrorist attacks happening on the same days.

Because One Direction fans have been prioritizing grieving with Paris, they may not have noticed headlines about a ruined charity opportunity. On the bright side, one 1D gent in particular has been offered a role with the Harry Potter author.

One of the most interesting parts of the release of Made In The A.M. is that One Direction did not really seem to care about competing with Justin Bieber after all. Billboard mentioned on November 11 that Bieber and One Direction would have an interesting first-day sales race to watch — and fans were geared up to see what the outcome would be.

Naturally, the idea that either One Direction or Justin Bieber would take the top spot on charts like Billboard was expected.

As November 13 rolled on, The Atlantic and The Verge both reviewed Justin Bieber and One Direction’s albums. Interestingly, 1D and Bieber did not comment much about the sales of their November 13 album releases. Alternatively, the tragedy in Paris may have shifted Justin Bieber and One Direction’s social media priorities as a sign of respect.

UnReality TV reports on November 14 that in addition to tweeting their support to Paris terrorism survivors, One Direction took a moment of silence on stage before performing.

This follows One Direction’s attendance at the Royal Variety Show for charity on November 13, a recording for X Factor on November 14 or 15, and then flying to America around November 16 for a week of performances.

Outside of music, One Direction is well-known for participating in fundraising endeavors. For instance, One Direction joined other celebrities in being part of a book for the Children In Need charity around October 4. According to the Daily Mail, the book is titled The Curious Tale Of Fi-Rex and is illustrated by Julia Patton.

In one description of the book by the Mirror, they say that One Direction is depicted as a group of frogs and state the following.

“On Sir Paul’s page he resurrects the famous Frog Chorus characters from his 1983 hit ‘We All Stand Together,’ while the [One Direction] boys appear as a frog band – called Pond Direction.”

Unfortunately, the Mirror reports that the original sketches for The Curious Tale Of Fi-Rex were sent over to be signed by One Direction — but got “smutty” images smeared all over them.

The intended purpose for the sketches signed by One Direction was a charity auction to raise money for the Children In Need group. It is estimated that the One Direction illustrations could have raised £100,000 at an auction that took place on November 13 — if the vandalism had not occurred.

Other book-related projects that One Direction have been roped into include the world of Harry Potter. Billboard writes on November 10 that J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame penned a new project — and One Direction is involved.

The Independent elaborates and says that J.K. Rowling actually had Niall Horan of One Direction in mind for her Career of Evil book.

Of course, if One Direction wants to be part of another book, they will have plenty of time to visit agents when they go Hollywood over the week of November 15, according to Entertainment Weekly.

In addition to taking over Hollywood Boulevard to perform for the Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show, One Direction will also be performing on Good Morning America, the American Music Awards, and the Ellen Degeneres Show before November 23.

To buy the new One Direction charity book and support Children In Need, The Curious Tale Of Fi-Rex can be purchased at the Fat Fox Books website.

[Picture by Stephen Lovekin/Stringer/Getty Images]