WWE Rumors: WWE Legend Has ‘WrestleMania 32’ Dream Opponent In Mind For Brock Lesnar

There are a lot of rumors floating around as to what matches could happen at WrestleMania 32, and it’s still months away. Even though that’s true, things need to be put into place now so that WWE can soon start building. Legendary announcer Jim Ross has a dream match in mind for Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, and it’s an interesting choice of an opponent as he isn’t even on the roster right now — Dave Bautista, aka Batista.

Jim Ross always throws around his ideas and he has a lot of insight into things as he was in a high position at WWE for many years. He knows the way things work and what could possibly end up happening at one point or another.

Still, Batista isn’t currently in WWE right now and hasn’t been since in quite some time. The last time he was around, he admitted that his last run with the company wasn’t the greatest as he wanted to play the role of a heel but WWE wanted him back as a face. The two sides butted heads and it ended up with a run that was less than stellar.

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According to Wrestling Inc., Jim Ross recently talked about Batista’s latest run in WWE on the “Ross Report,” and said that things should have been different. He believes that the company should try to work more with what the talent wants and not always try to force their ideas.

“The first thing you learn in booking or creative is to understand your talent and when they’re telling you something from their heart and from their gut, you should listen and try to acquiesce. Now, having said that, maybe all those things are done. Maybe [WWE] did listen. Maybe they did try to acquiesce; however, it couldn’t get done. They couldn’t seal the deal and Dave came back [inauspiciously] in that babyface type [of] role that didn’t fit him. It didn’t work. It didn’t do him any favors.”

A couple times this year, Batista has spoken about a possible return to WWE and if it would ever happen. He’s been doing a lot of acting and recently had a big part in the latest James Bond film, Spectre, that’s keeping his name out there in Hollywood.

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He also has Guardians of the Galaxy Part 2 coming up soon and will have to be away for that shoot. As WrestleZone reported though, he’s not done in WWE and wants a schedule that is similar to that of Chris Jericho or Brock Lesnar where he’s not locked in and can still act.

If he does end up coming back, Ross thinks that it would be a great idea to see Batista play a heel role and take on Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 32. Everyone knows that Lesnar is the uber-babyface and won’t really be booed no matter who he is up against.

The way the fans turned on Batista during his last WWE run, him going up against Lesnar could easily cement him as a mega-heel. Ross believes that’s an excellent idea.

“Hey, I got an idea for you: what about Batista, the heel, coming back and taking on Brock Lesnar, the babyface, at WrestleMania [32] in April [2016] in Dallas [Texas]? I could live with that main event, a red hot Batista coming back and urinating all over the fans and being a big star and being very arrogant and full of himself and being a bad ass, believing his [newspaper] clippings and he wants to take on the biggest dog in the yard. I don’t dislike that match.”

Right now, it’s not really known who Brock Lesnar will be facing off with at WrestleMania 32. His feud with The Undertaker is officially over. Seth Rollins is out until at least the summer. John Cena is rumored to be facing Roman Reigns for the WWE Title at the show. Would a Lesnar vs. Batista match really sell?

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