Brandon Roy Confirms Comeback Rumors, Hopes For 2012-2013 Season

Brandon Roy has responded to circulating rumors, confirming that he intends to rejoin the NBA next season, following a brief bout of “retirement syndrome.”

Roy originally announced his retirement in December of last year, because of chronic knee problems, which derailed his promising career, according to USA Today. Of course, Michael Jordan is just one of many who proved that NBA retirements are not always permanent.

Sports Illustrated notes that the retired NBA star announced the decision in a series of tweets through his college teammate Will Conroy’s account, saying:

“Lord willing, I will play again soon. Yes, I’m preparing for a comeback. I’m training daily. I’m preparing for a return next year. I appreciate the love. Hopefully I’ll be back on the floor soon. Health is good.”

When asked if he would play for the Trailblazers again, Brandon Roy responded by saying:

“I wish, but due to the NBA rules I cannot play in Portland until 2014-2015. I’m looking to return sooner. Thanks for your support. I’m fortunate to have played for such a great fan base. No matter where I play, Portland will always have a special place in my heart.”

John Canzano with Oregon Live doesn’t believe that Roy’s retirement would ever happen, but instead believes that it was a brilliant ploy to get the NBA player away from his Oregon team. Canzano stated:

“I didn’t believe for a second that he was done playing when he announced his retirement in training camp in December. To sit out the season and gain his freedom as a free agent felt like a brilliant strategic play by Roy and his agent, Greg Lawrence. Well-played, fellas. “

What do you think of Brandon Roy’s planned comeback?